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    I don't disagree with Thor being treated badly at all, but I do not think two wrongs make a right either.

    I am also pretty confident that we are going to see very wildly different power showings that cause confusion.

    He can easily handle a powered up Galactus but then will struggle against much lesser foes for no clear reason.

    Remember his Thanos killed all the cosmics and gods. Then two Thanos's and a Hulk struggled at Silver Surfer with Mjolnir. After looking to fairly easily kill Galactus and King Thor earlier...

    Just seems like a massive overshoot to me as it leaves not much to gain at the point.

    Does Thor deserve to be treated better. No question. I just am not convinced that is the way to do it.

And that's your opinion which I don't agree with. We've never seen Thor with that level of power not hold back and unleash it with full fury.

Thor always holds back while Galactus never does which makes him look more powerful and intimidating. I'm very happy with the outcome of finally seeing Thor not having a reason to hold back in his mind and finally take vengeance for all the world Galactus has destroyed.

And that is your opinion and you are welcome to it.

I think you are wrong. Unless you think this Thor is different than other versions. Or you have totally different takes.

Odin was not able to casually destroy a being at that level before. At least not Galactus. King Thor was about on par or a tad below before.

His motivation is a whatever thing. If we are talking power, this is out of the blue unless this Thor is much more powerful than any other Thor or skyfather we have ever seen.

Or more likely that Cates likes the wow moments that make no sense. Which seems likely. My opinion, but supported by Thanos wins series. He casually killed Galactus without effort, KT and so on with no clearly stated major upgrade.

All to make what story he wanted to work work. If you enjoyed it, that is fine. Enjoy away. But in terms of general cannon of Marvel it makes no sense.

It also makes passed skyfathers look odd, if they did not deal with Galactus easily before. Maybe Thor is vastly more powerful than they are, but reasons for that have yet to be stated to my knowledge other than Cates needed it to be true.

There was also no need for it to happen this way. Galactus has numerous crimes, but Odin himself acknowledged his purpose and point. One would think Thor would have similar wisdom.

This is majorly ignoring a fair bit of Galactus and using him only as a measuring stick.

Take all of that as you will.

Look Raist bunnies...