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We all laud the continuity we approve of and ignore or decry the continuity we don't like "as bad writing."

Also this isn't an actual break in continuity, because this version was a completely original permutation of the character complete with new power levels. How can something unprecedented and never before seen be in conflict with a past it doesn't have.

---the late great Donald Blake

Maybe I missed it but what is it that makes this Thor different.

He is Thor with basically the all father power right? We have seen that before, the only difference is the writer's view of it.

And we know this writer does not really care much about power levels.

We can debate on what part of cannon, but seeing his Thanos wins alone pretty much shows his indifference to that sort of thing or good explanations. I think there is a throw away line that he grew in power over the years and the other heroes diminished. Then he kills all space gods and gods effortlessly like a slasher in a horror flick.

Lets not give Cates too much credit either. Power levels are hardly everything in comics but they do matter some.

There is a reason why certain events get people so mad. It is because a character has a core to them right? Certain characters are powerful or seen to be. Upsets happen, but generally if somebody writes a character in a certain way and they are called out for it, it does not mean the criticism is wrong.

Look Raist bunnies...