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      ....about him giving more of a fight against Thor, is extremely bad writing. That's my problem with comic books, they tend to give the underdog a huge boost, even if it makes no sense.


        With the Thor and Galactus fight, it's been established before that Thor can absorb energy attacks and re-direct them against his opponents. Once, he even said that he can SURELY absorb a blast that can destroy the Earth....once, he absorbed a blast that can destroy a galaxy and redirect it to a dying star and re-energized it. Once, Thor absorbed the magnetic forces of the planet and redirected it against a Celestial. He can absorb energy to his hammer...that is well established. In the Thor and Galactus fight, Thor simply absorbed the Power Cosmic blasted by Galactus and used it against him. That power and ability is well within Thor's capability. The fact that it has been rarely shown by recent writers is part of the problem. Donny Cates wrote a very plausible scenario how Thor (powered by the Odin Force and Power Cosmic) could beat Galactus. The fact that Galactus absorbed 5 planets just meant that there were far more power for Thor to absorb. If this was against, say, Mangog, the fight would be different because Thor has no energy attack to absorb. Galactus blasting Thor with the power cosmic created the perfect scenario for Thor to win.

    Its idiotic that Thor can now absorb the Power Cosmic 'OUT' of Galactus. Absorbing blasts of energy with Mjolnir is one thing, but completely chumpatizing the most powerful ever Galactus is pure fanboy fiction.

Totally disagree here and I'm glad it happened!

I am astonished at the negative reaction to this issue. We plead for better portrayal in battle and get a really good one. Now the problem sounds like Galactus got disrespected? He has been beaten many times. Thor has received a gigantic power up. While it isn't stated Thor obviously used hie natural power to reshape the power cosmic given by Galactus into something he could control and use to drain Galactus. How stupid would Thor have been to not do that since he knew Galactus could not be trusted?
Some times I understand Marvels' view on fanboyism. It seems nothing will be good enough to please many fans. As to Galactus origin this is a new universe and things may not be the same. The coming of the zombie universe along with the Black Winter comment about this doomed universe is a bit of foreshadowing. I wonder if there are other instances of this in other books. The one thing that I do not want to see is a drunken,sad sack that he was during the Aaron run.

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