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So Thor has the Odin Force...but how much of it? Odin is not dead. He may have given Thor some of the Odin Force but not all of it. No way Odin is going on a second honeymoon somewhere - with the many enemies he's made over the centuries - without having power enough to defend himself.
50% of the classic Odin Force seems what Thor was wielding IMO, augmenting his abilities probably herald level PC ...THEN the full PC of Galactus.
Thanos without any gems did manage to knock Galactus down, but quickly made it clear that he would not win in a battle with him. Thanos fighting Odin fared far worse.

He would need Infinity gems to handle THIS Thor

Seems to me that Galactus will return as his plan (to get rid of the Black Winter) was accomplished. It can easily be said the entire thing was orchestrated by Galactus, who transferred his essence at the last moment to his ship and the power of any of his heralds could him. I see that as happening within a year. Hence Galactus seeming emotional outbursts at Thor... killing that planet when he didn;t need to, all a ploy to fire Thor up and make sure Thor destroyed him.

How cool was it...Thor being judge jury and Skurge.

Did anyone notice that he called himself Ruler of the 10 realms. RULER...foreshadowing of what's to come Post Thanos?

I would really like to see Thor seeking counsel from Zeus

Who attacks Asgard when the first thing you see is Galactus head outside it's walls? Haha...NOBODY. This Thor takes NO prisoners

I think I saw some "Beware of Thor" signs on the Rainbow Bridge

...all the powers that he "took" from Galactus? Thor should be able to keep it after what he went through. If writers have a problem writing a story about Thor due to the power increase and would find it not challenging then that would tell you that you're not a very good writer.

Thor would know that the powers he has now would make him probably THE most powerful being in the Marvel comic book universe. But for Thor, he can turn it on and off when he needs it. When he doesn't need it, he can just go about with his natural born abilities (that is slowly evolving due to his position and growth) and the Odinforce he was given.