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Subj: An in-depth Analysis of Thor-#6...
Posted: Tue Aug 25, 2020 at 06:06:52 am CDT (Viewed 100 times)
Reply Subj: Am I the only person who is really enjoying Donny Cates AND also loved Aaron's work?
Posted: Fri Aug 21, 2020 at 01:40:19 pm CDT (Viewed 220 times)

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Am I alone here!? Lol

Don't get me wrong, there things about and decisions made by Aaron that frustrated me, but I think God Butcher and his final story King Thor are masterpieces as comics go.

And Donny Cates, his first six issues are exploding my brain with thunderous delight. It's like that movie Mandy if it was a Thor comic! For me it hits all the right notes, and while I understand the criticism, none of it really resonates with me. It all feels a bit arbitrary to me. Seems like judging this Thor run according to a kind of preconceived set of limited power levels that I'm less interested in personally.

Anyway, I was just curious does, did anyone else out there enjoy Aaron's stuff that also likes Cates? Anyone else still like Thor comics?

---the late great Donald Blake

I think that Cates really did captured with pin point accuracy what Thor with the Odin Force can realistically accomplish, and left nothing to the imagination of the reader.. The energy absorption capabilities exhibited by this version of Thor was literally off the hook!! He should be CONGRATULATED!! Mystical powers should, indeed, be SUPERIOR, in just about every aspect or form to Cosmic Powers- as I have consistently noted many times in the past. Cates is clearly on the right track, and I suspect that he just might have perfectly understood this simple fact for quite a while now.

Now, let's a analyze this from a strictly Logical point of view:

1) Mjolnir's ability to siphon virtually every kind of energy sources in existence- be it Cosmic, Elemental, Magnetical, Mystical, etc. has shown to be absolutely vast in scope. The fact that Mjolnir could literally absorb the an energy blast of a being that contain the combined strength/power of 10,000 gods, and return that same blast back at him- it's simply staggering. I wouldn't be surprised in the very least if he could replicate the same feat vs the Phoenix Entity. Recall, that he did this vs Thanos when he absorbed his Cosmic blast and return that same blast back at him virtually A 100 TIMES stronger in scope. The same with his Mystical Lightning bolts- in that he could absorb a lightning bolt and multiply its power a MILLION TIMES OVER!! Thor's combination of vast absorption and creating vast amount of Energy Projections is practically INCALCULABLE!!

Now, when Thor god blasted Galactus the first time around- he siphon/drain his energy in vast amounts from a significant distance, and despite getting inside his space craft- still the pressure grew (now, that's what you call Mystical Powers- boys!!!) to the point that he had to flee for his life. Now, I do not believe that Thor intentionally wanted to actually kill Galactus, but hurt him bad enough in order to drive him away from the battle field. However, make no mistake, had he stay a little while longer- he certainly would've been a goner for sure! The fact that Mjolnir could absorb the energy of a Null Bomb in a mere few seconds- makes me think that he could literally take this Energy Absorption thing to a another level.

2) The Odin Force enabled Odin to literally absorbed the powers, the physical essence, the mind, the spirit and soul of a being (Surtur) that is a bona fide Universal threat in just mere seconds...

3) You combined both Thor and Odin's Mystical capabilities to absorb incalculable amount of energies at mili second speed, and you have the greatest Super Duper vacuum cleaner in ALL comics!!
This version of Thor would quite literally SUCK THE JUICE out of Galactus in a SECOND!!! And that's exactly what happened!! There was literally nothing left of that guy!! And I don't care how many Planets Galactus absorbed previous to this- Thor can absorb his energies despite ANY kind of resistance by him. Why? Simply because his vast Mystical Powers would simply just be too overwhelming.

4) Just because Galactus absorbed a bunch of Planets- didn't mean that he would do squat against the Black Winter. This Cosmic Entity was literally DESTROYING UNIVERSES!!! It would be like the Silver Surfer increasing his power levels 5 times over facing Galactus. Sure, he might hurt Galactus, but Galactus special Cosmic Powers signature is the same as the Surfer who was bequeathed this power by Galactus himself- no less; and, thus, he would easily drain the Surfer's PC in no time.

Conclusion: The Power Cosmic given to Thor by Galactus was totally insignificant and unimportant vs the Black Winter. However, when Thor absorbed Galactus powers in his TOTALITY- it made a very significant difference in dealing with the Black Winter. Thor quite literally kill two birds with one stone. Thus, his strategy worked to perfection... However, what really got me thinking out of this whole thing was: Why didn't, or why couldn't the Black Winter see his own death coming?

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