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Subj: Re: THOR #7 - A good issue with a caveat
Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2020 at 07:59:51 pm EDT (Viewed 227 times)
Reply Subj: THOR #7 - A good issue with a caveat
Posted: Thu Sep 17, 2020 at 03:28:33 am EDT (Viewed 441 times)

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This was a surprisingly good read compared to the previous issues. Briefly:

1) Thor has sent Mjolnir to Earth (specifically Broxton) as a way to investigate why it has become so heavy to lift. Thor suspects that it is not simply that he is becoming unworthy, but that there is something wrong with Mjolnir on a fundamental level. It is rejecting Thor specifically, while accepting others as worthy. Thor alters Mjolnir's inscription enchantment so that it instructs a mortal, Adam Aziz, to call Tony Stark.

2) Thor speaks with Sif through his ravens, which can function as a means of two-way communication across great distances. They go back and forth about Thor's plan and Sif agrees to grant one of the ravens her all-sight so that Thor can expand his senses and perceive the events of Broxton. Cates shows here that he's more creative and nuanced than in past issues.

3) In Asgard, Thor invites Bill to have a drink and discuss his vision and his suspicions about Mjolnir. In the talking, Bill says he no longer considers himself of Asgard or subject to its authority with his Asgardian powers having been taken from him by Thor. At that point Thor asks Bill about Thanos, specifically his recent history which Bill knows more than Thor. Bill reveals that Thanos, along with Hela, has has been destroyed in a failed plot to resurrect him.

Thor says to Bill that something is wrong with Asgard itself, with fate, and that he does not trust himself. He asks Bill to serve as his second-in-command and to straight him out if things go awry. Bill agrees but asks for a new hammer, and Thor takes him to a weapons armory. Bill the asks about the current location of Mjolnir.

4) In Broxton, the inscription instructs Adam Aziz to try to lift Mjolnir. Tony Stark throws up a force-field. Thor says he will run from whatever is coming at him. Adam Aziz then picks up Mjolnir is transformed into a Thor-like version of himself.

Thoughts: I thought this issue was quite interesting and it alleviated some of my concerns about Cates' raw writing ability, without the gimmicks and tricks. He can write and hold together a story. I think where he suffers is where he tries to pull off something without the underling story structure to support it. If he takes it slow and measured, like this issue, he's actually quite good.

This was probably my favorite issue thus far. I think that if the previous arc had taken 12 issues instead of 6, it would have been much stronger.

I said a while ago that Cates should team-up with another writer, and I still think that. Some took it as an offensive comment, but what I meant was that Cates has a good base to his writing and would benefit from having a partnership with another writer to pull off the execution. He's like a musician trying to pull off a complicated song by playing all the instruments himself.

If you're going to pull off something on the scale of the Infinity Gauntlet, you're going to need a lot of runway, not half a dozen issues. Remember that the Infinity Gauntlet was preceded by the Silver Surfer run and THANOS QUEST, making it effectively dozens of issues in scope. Cates has talent but maybe he shouldn't try to be a one-man band playing Stairway to Heaven, forcing me to criticize him when he can't pull it off.

I thought it was a good issue overall. No quibbles though I wonder why Thor doesn't just reform Stormbreaker for Bill? It should be easily within his ability. Maybe Thor wants Bill to remain outside the Asgardian power set due to whatever is going on. Where all this is leading I do not know.
After reading the last issue of Empyre I am curious what all is in the unreleased Thor tie in.

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