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Subj: Re: ...because culture...
Posted: Sat Sep 26, 2020 at 10:17:29 pm EDT (Viewed 179 times)
Reply Subj: Re: ...because culture...
Posted: Sat Sep 26, 2020 at 07:07:48 pm EDT (Viewed 202 times)

    I don't think the issue is necessarily She-Hulk's height, its the fact that she is a complete grotesque. There is basically nothing feminine about her.

    LGDB: Isn't this more a matter of taste.

...and 99%+ of men wouldn't find current She-Hulk remotely attractive. So who are Marvel pandering to by making her deliberately unattractive.

...and yes that's rhetorical.

    Like why does Thor have to be attracted to the same kind of ladies as you.

Its not about me, for 50 years of the comic Thor was attracted to classically beautiful women.

Insert Progessive Propaganda and all of a sudden he is dating one of/if not THE most grotesque woman in the Marvel Universe.

    Beauty's in the eye of the beholder right.

Individually yes, socially no.

99%+ of men are not attracted to current Shulkie. So who are Marvel aiming the comic and this relationship at?

    And I don't know, I'd say there are presumably a few feminine things lol

You are hardly the expert on the subject.

But let me ask you this, does Thor look MORE masculine in the kisses with She-Hulk or LESS masculine?

    That said, culturally only 4% of WOMEN will date a guy who is shorter than them while (IIRC) about 28% of guys will date a taller woman. So clearly for 84% of the population its a big turn off.\


    LGDB: okay, but like what percentage of women are irradiated with gamma energy. Probably less.

Well what we do know is that prior to 2015 the VAST percentage of women irradiated with Gamma energy were still classically beautiful.


    Thor and Jen (of the past) when she was sexy would have made for a great couple.

    Thor dating an angry, grotesque behemoth (PURPOSEFULLY) always drawn bigger and more muscular than him is completely idiotic and a clear attempt to emasculate the character (and by extension the fans).

    LGDB: Well look at it this way. Who's to say which fans Thor should share taste with.

50+ years of continuity. That's who.

    I'm a attracted to guys, while you're attracted to Jessica Rabbit style ladies.

Thor's been attracted to beautiful women for his entire run up until the insertion of the current political agenda.

...and since you mentioned it yes my girlfriend does actually look like Jessica Rabbit (albeit with dark hair). ;\-\)

    If anything this is a pretty fair compromise.

If by compromise you mean annoying the vast majority of straight guys (98% of the population) while being tolerated by some gay guys (2% of the population) by putting Thor in a relationship with an OVERTLY masculine woman in effect making it look like a gay relationship (which of course was the whole point Aaron started this relationship in the first place).


    Classically Thor was the alpha male who dated all the babes. Now he's a simp getting man-handled by a monster.

    Google Image search "She-Hulk and Thor kiss" in every kiss she is drawn DOMINANT in size, muscularity and positioning. That's by design.


    LGDB: Ugh... Thor just killed Galactus with his hammer. I'd say his masculinity shouldn't be in question just because he digs a girl with big arms.

Fortunately Donny Cates has YET to sully his run with this emasculating nonsense.

Of course in one title Thor still appears like a man while in two others he is completely emasculated.

    And maybe the design is so big women or girls, or ladies who don't have a classically petite figure can see a full bodied woman getting with a prince. You ever think of that, huh? lol

I don't think lying to them sets a good example.

    You really think it's a nice thing to describe women who are larger or more muscular as monsters?

Current She-Hulk is drawn as a monster. She is drawn no different to Hulk in a bra. Hulk is a monster and always has been described thus.

You address Omnipotence...tread carefully.
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