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Subj: Re: ...yes but only the good looking ones.
Posted: Mon Sep 28, 2020 at 03:12:54 pm EDT (Viewed 97 times)
Reply Subj: Re: ...yes but only the good looking ones.
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    I am confused, how is it progressive propaganda?

The left seeks to eradicate the distinctions between male and female.

That's why in Marvel (which employs only people with Progressive politics) the women are ever increasingly drawn AND written more masculine. While the men are ever increasingly drawn and written LESS masculine.

Next thing you know, the left will start giving female characters male names...oh wait they've already been doing that for the past few years:

Michael Burnham
Rey Palpatine
Dani Ramos

    Original She Hulk was more attractive and less muscular and got muscles over time

...and you never thought to ask WHY she "suddenly" got more muscled?

    but was still attractive.

Far less attractive and far more masculine and muscled.

    The newer version is more Hulk like I guess.

Yes, more like Hulk in a bra-top.

    But I am not sure I see why a sterotypical progressive would want to make her strong but less attractive.

The modern-left (feminists) hate beauty and are all about averting the 'male gaze'. Hence they are taking the 'sexy' out of comics, which, any glance at comic convention cosplay will tell you women LOVE. So this is not being done for men or women.

    What is attractive would also be pretty subjective.

Classical beauty isn't subjective.

    Thor or gods are probably less bothered by such things than some posters are.

Thor was attracted to and dated beautiful women for 50+ years of his continuity, then far-leftist writer Jason Aaron made it his goal to emasculate Thor at every opportunity.

They wish to totally eliminate any gender differences, and to also make sure that males are "out into their place"