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Subj: Re: I have follow up questions, because I think you're repeating the claim a lot with out what grounds it.
Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2020 at 05:33:18 pm EDT (Viewed 125 times)
Reply Subj: I have follow up questions, because I think you're repeating the claim a lot with out what grounds it.
Posted: Tue Sep 29, 2020 at 01:58:24 am EDT (Viewed 161 times)


      Classical standards of beauty haven't changed. But certainly feminists want them to change so they can cast off any responsibility for their own appearance.
    LGDB: ***repeated claim*** and all we would need here are a bunch of attractive feminists to vitiate this claim. I would consult instagram lol

I know lots of "classically beautiful" feminists. \:\)


      At the 1:30 mark the commentator says "...to the left the primary purpose of art, literature and music is to shock."
    LGDB: This is what happens when you get your information about what people on the left believe from their enemies. I can tell you from personal experience I'm far to the left (by your standards) and I'm an artist and my primary purpose isn't to shock. I'm not interested in that whatsoever, and I don't think that's the driving force between the production or enjoyment of art on the left. I think the logical failure here (if there is one) is that just because people like something that shocks you, doesn't meant they like it BECAUSE YOU find it shocking.

Very well said. Upper Krust gets information from a lot of dubious sources. For example, in a response to me over the weekend on the Community Board, he asserted that Biden was too afraid to debate Trump when they are in fact debating tonight and are set to debate two more times.


      Aaron is a self-professed Atheist and Feminist...its clear his agenda is in complete opposition to everything Thor classically stood for.
    LGDB: I don't think this is true. Aaron by his own admission is a kind of misotheist, mean he doesn't just not believe in a god or gods, but that he hates them, or things the concept of gods are maleficent, baleful, deleterious (and other fun words for dangerous or negative.) I'm an atheist but I love mythology and religion, and I respect generally people religious belief. I do think it's worth questioning whether Aaron's own resentment for the god concept made him a bad writer for the Thor title. I mean I don't think Aaron actually hates Thor, and think despite your won reservations, Thor is generally portrayed heroically and nobly under Aaron, despite the conflict and failure.

Despite Aaron's misotheism, he still ended his Thor run with Thor saving the universe by defeating a Gorr who took on the personification of the universe and the last scene showed people worshipping Thor.


      Only 4% of women will date a shorter man (and that is from a Progressive source) because they are seen as less masculine.
    LGDB: Yeah I'm going to need to see the source on that. Also, what's your point? Even if something is in the majority doesn't make the minority. Even if the vast majority of guys didn't like muscular chicks that wouldn't mean it's wrong or even less masculine to like a girl with big muscles. It would just make it less popular.

Upper Krust has some strange "if the majority thinks this, then everyone should think this" belief, even if he mistakenly believes that everything he believes is what the majority believes.


      He has done everything in his power to emasculate Thor except make him gay.
    LGDB: See as a gay men I don't find being gay particularly emasculating. I was an infantryman and paratrooper in the Army and I served in Iraq. I'll take the Pepsi challenge with most straight guys masculinity any day of the week lol Seriously thought I know a lot of straight guys that are less masculine acting than a bunch of masculine acting gay guys I know. I'm wondering how much of your ideas here are based more on stereotypes of what gay and straight people are like, rather than a crystal clear concept of masculinity and femininity.


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