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Subj: Re: Tim Drake in Rebirth
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With Damian taking over he Teen Titans what's to become of Tim? From the annual it seems they are setting up his departure, leaving the spot for DW. But of all the non-Grayson Robins Tim is my favorite, hate for him to vanish from the comics during Rebirth.

I don't know what Tim Drake's movements are, it doesn't seem like there is a place for him in the DCU anymore outside of the Teen Titans. And despite his place as a generation of readers Robin maybe that is the way it has to be. Dick Grayson will always be the original Boy Wonder, 30/50 years from now that will not have changed, but Jason Todd and Tim Drake? They will always have to be secondary to whoever the modern Robin is. And 30/50 years from now I don't believe Jason or Tim will be factors in whatever the landscape of the DCU is at that time...

But in the presentday, I don't think he is alone in being a drifting character. Stargirl is a fine example as like him she has no 'home' as such if moved on from the JSA role she was created for. She is relatively popular like Tim but the progress of the DC Universe means she is without much of a future on the face of it. \(euh\)