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    I heard the G1 comic writer at the time, Bob Budiansky, didn't want to use the TFTM-related characters for some reason, which is, in part, why Simon Furman did so much of it at the time in the Marvel UK continuity stories. And yes, Rodimus Prime did appear in Marvel U.S. G1 #67, though:

I dont know his reasons for this - in fact I didnt know that it was a decision by Budianski. I dont know why he would have such a dislike for the movie cast, considering that he gave so much more exposure to clearly less developed characters/concepts such as the Headmasters and Pretenders.

I was aware that Rodimus appears briefly in a story set in an alternate future. In fact this story created a bit of a headache for Simon furman as he tried to deal to consolodate the US and UK strips into a single continuity, due the fact that it results in two Galvatrons running around the place.

    From what I recall, he appeared after Spike became the new Fort Max partner and was talking to Sparkplug, trying to save PM Prime in that storyline involving Megs using Ratchet to fix-up CP Starscream, when he made that large fighter-robot-thing that cut off one of his hands, shown driving recklessly around during the Unicron War (upsetting Nightbeat), shown "killed off" with other Autobots on Klo and was later revived by the Last Autobot.

I recall him being present on the moon for the battle between Blaster and Grimlock and a couple of other appearence, although he was never fleshed out as a character in the manner he was in the UK strip.

The UK series really did do an excellent job with Hot Rod - certainly better than they did with Rodimus. Target 2006, Space Pirates and Aspects of Evil all showcase Hot Rod really well.


      He appeared extensively in the UK comics series, but it is well established that Marvel UK were under almost no pressure to use certain characters or to push the latest toys in the pages of their comic.

    Did not know that last part.

Yeah. The problem with the U.S series is that it was primarily a vehicle for the Hasbro toys, which means that they were obligated to featue whatever toys were being released that season.

Marvel UK was a bit like the wild west at the time with writers - specifically Furman - being given free reign to write the stories they wanted. As a result Furman concentrated his efforts on those characters he thought had the most potential for development, doing a great job on the likes of Hot Rod, Magnus, Springer, Kup etc (as well as developing concepts like the Wreckers and introducing the bounty hunter Deaths Head), and gave very little time to character from the more silly concepts like Headmasters, Targetmasters, Powermasters and Pretenders.

Even when he featured characters from those lines there was very little reference to their powers or abilities - the exceptions probably being Cyclonus and Scourge, and Darkwind and Dreadwind who along with their partners featured quite extensively.

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