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    First if you watch the show or read the books then you should know the characters explicitly state repeatedly to not get zombie goo in their mouth,eyes, or wounds. Everybody does have the virus or whatever it is so obviously the zombies have it as well. Over and over people who are bitten die and turn while in a normal person it is dormant until their eventual demise. I said nothing about regular people not having the contagion where you claim the zombies carry nothing which is simply not true. Their bite contains a fatal dose except for occasions when a limb is severed in time to STOP the spread. No one has died simply because the virus was in their system.
    While it hasn't been addressed in Walking Dead no one has been turned by the bite of a normal,living,breathing, human. That actually would be a good area to explore because of the possibilities and something that I have never seen used in zombie stories. The tactic of using zombie guts and gore as camouflage has been used several times-Michonne walked around with a gore covered cloak and without giving away probable spoilers if you haven't read the books a situation is coming up on the show that deals with the issue in dramatic fashion. If you are referring to real world bites I have never seen a case of a person dying from one unless the biter had some disease that could be passed on. Animal bites yes and some cases where a bite became infected though the latter not fatally.

I do watch the show. I've seen every episode about 4 times by now. Bites do not turn you. EVER. It's the dying that turns you.

The books really aren't relevant.

The books are very relevant. Everything springs from that source material. R.K. has said so on several occasions. I do need to work on my reader comprehension skills though. What you say about dying is true. My argument should have been that getting bit means death and reanimation are sped up. The time being determined by the severity of the wound. That comes directly from the primer released prior to season one episode one. Issue #41s letter page has Mr. Kirkman explain the transformation and the consequences of a wound sustained from a Walker. Any bite transfers a lethal dose of the virus save a quick amputation of a limb that can stop the spread of that toxin. However it happens death does happen before completion of the process. I can not think of a single instance in the Walking Dead universe where a person infected another before death. In other words I maintain my stance that the zombies do carry a lethal dose but agree that dying must take place before the turning.

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