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    Well this episode did a nice job of curing the bout of insomnia I was recently going through

I watched it and have forgot almost everything that happened in it. But even with that said...I thought that episode a couple weeks ago where Michonne and Rick went on a road trip was harder to watch...I kept nodding off on that one...and I even like them as a couple.

    Saviors come to Hilltop to conscript their Doctor into working with Negan.

    Hilltop residents are not pleased that their Mayor caved in to the Saviors again. The Mayor talks with the Savior squad leader about possible insurrection and the squad leader tells him to contact him when needed and he will handle it.

Gregory is such a Neville Chamberlain. But I respect the whole doing what you have to in order to survive. Gregory and Eugene should be friends.

    Rosita and Sasha sneak to the Savior compound where they see Eugene. They kill the goon that is with him but Eugene cries and states he won't leave and runs inside.

Ok I'm fine with Eugene going along with Negan when he had no options. But once he told the girls he was staying...Rosita and Sasha should have murdered him brutally. Joining Negan to save his life didn't make him a traitor IMO. But refusing to leave the Saviors when given another option makes him a traitor in my book unless he's working an angle. But Sasha and Rosita have no reason to believe he's still on their side...they should have killed him. And done it in such a horrifying way it sends a message to any other potential traitors.

    Sasha cuts open the fence while Rosita covers her, then Sasha closes the opening so she can't get in and tells her it is not her time. Then runs into the compound to cause as much trouble as she can. How utterly stupid.

One thing Sasha has going for her is that she's female. I don't think Negan likes to beat or kill women unless he has no other choice. But he has no problem pressuring them into sex. I don't think he would let the Saviors gang rape her but she might have to submit to him alone.

But yeah I'm pretty sure Sasha and Rosita will be dead by the end of the season.

    As Rosita flees she sees someone in the shadows, who looks like it could be Daryl. End of ep.

    Hope the season finale is worth all this awful slow buildup.

For a season centered around Negan...he doesn't seem to appear very often.

Well even though Neegan doesn't show up much, he is an omnipresent threat. They all know of him, know where he lives and how he operates, but he has such a strong power base and army of followers that he is a threat even if he stays at his base.

Mess with the Saviors and Neegan will bring the pain.

As to Eugene, he is a survivor and he is staying with the Saviors because right now they are the winning team. He MIGHT be working an angle and he has obtained some status and rank in the Saviors, but he is making no effort to kill Neegan or slip information to Rick and crew and he is looking to bolster the perimeter defense. However he is also a coward as well as a survivor, and may be with them simply to stay alive.

Sasha and Rosita, well...the eye candy would be missed but overall I wouldn't care if they were killed off and they have dropped hints that the season finale will have casualties on all sides.

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