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Recent issues spoilers which will also probably spoil something from the show.

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Subj: Re: S8Ep4: Knew it was coming, but...
Posted: Mon Nov 20, 2017 at 09:45:46 pm CST (Viewed 1041 times)
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    Poor Shiva. \:'\(

    Mixed opinions about the rest of the episode. It was often intense, but also often just stupid.

I keep watching the show but if I'm being honest they ran out of characters I liked (Herschel, Tyrese, Shane, Dale) several seasons back. With the exception of Ezekiel I don't have anyone left to enjoy. And the writing and dialogue is just so awful. I roll my eyes every time Negan speaks. I enjoyed Glenn's death but Negan's been a case of diminishing returns ever since. He's not as interesting as the writers think he is.

Negan in the books got old fast but he is still wandering around due to Rick being a dumba$$. Speaking of which the whole destroying the war- ending capable assault weapons made me get up and walk away from the t.v. He has doomed the groups to attrition war and deaths galore. He even knew at that point the saviors had killed the kingdom people with those same weapons. Almost anyone would be a better leader and at this point I hope they kill him off in favor of Darryl or Carol. I know that will not happen but seriously look at all the bad decisions that just keep happening. When it started no one could be blamed because a zombie apocalypse in a world that had not seen Romero or Russo,or Fulci movies would be shafted. However starting by season three Rick should not have been in charge of cleaning latrines much less peoples lives.