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It was a perfectly solid story wrap up worth the cover price but less payoff than hoped for...


Link to preview link, others comments, and writers replies:

Some pagebypage reactions - ifff you read it...

Nicely drawn cover but think Bane was the wrong cover soloist to choose and the cool broken (mirror?) glass is pushing it as the context choice to make it NOT a poser cover.

Beautiful silent setup and last issue refresher showing the Bana path of death.

Eyecatching bondage pose and title page. BTW, how many times has Wonder Woman been in a bondage pose SINCE, say, Countdown?

Grendel sets the mood with Diana. Eep.

Jeanette claims the Amazon/Bana as immortals and Banshees as long lived. Catman possibly makes a reference http://forums.comicbookresources.com/showpost.php?p=9805603&postcount=11 but it was missed by me.

2 pages of very good interaction. "I WILL ALWAYS COME BACK TO YOU" is a very interesting choice of words considering his decision at the end. But ends with (intentionally?) challenging who she broke the vials at this moment and (nitpickingly) vague HOW she 'administered' the vials.

Decent Artemis charge. Wonder if they keep throwing axes in the weapons locker.

2 pages of DC's Lady Deadpool? of Purple Ray Girl spotlight. This bodyguard character kind of appears jarringly to me - have to go back and reread previous issue for her subtle intro. BTW, what is the know status of all things Purple Ray since, say, Countdown?

Cliche interruption since DC cant kill off one of the Trinity. Still look forward to how weak-Bane and venom-Scandal will deal with it since it seems WW is out for good this issue since no details are offered the readers so we can assume she is secured. Eye gouge is a good start.

2 pages of fine Smyth characterization which is a good story element - have to go back and reread previous issue for reminders of Mockingbird. And another Sixer appropriately flip flops - on a whim.

Y'knew he was going to turn and this was a well done calvary moment. Also its obvious that Catman would know how to deal with Deadpool permanently which is a good story element.

2 pages of a disappointing fight scenario as p/layed out.

2 pages of Smyth character getting better but Artemis' getting worse. Can NOT see that as a third option she would come up with at all. Artemis and the Bana seem to be fighters to the end but not this type of end.

WW calvary moment felt too jarringly sudden and repetitive with Lawton's. Sooo, maybe she wasnt out like a light afterall? However, the KRAKAKK 'maneuver' seemed quick and fair.

2 pages of spot on Diana dialogue and surprisingly wimpy Artemis crybabying. Scandal gets a wonderful crack in of her own.

Uuuh, Mr. Bane, why should Jeanette of all members get to decide the fate of the team. Uuuh, Mr. Bane you admitted that you were bad at planning and you want to lead the team. Uuuh, it will be interesting to see where this (helicopter) goes.

Deadshot doing what Deadshot does best. Good closure with the arc too. That a choice of 3 surprising returns to choose from in a future arc. Not to mention demand for, at least, a forthcoming footnote in Wonder Woman series ASAP!

The issue seemed to drag along, and then resolution was administered rather quickly. And a snapped neck...is this to be Di's new signature move? \:\)

Since the time of WW's origins, bondage has been a very big thing. Glad that they are paying homage to it.

Is everyone a former Amazon. It kinda makes sense. I mean if you were tired of a stagnant culture, wouldn't you immigrate somewhere else? There may be a lot of Amazons out in the world. Did all return home upon Zeus's call...interesting?

Yeah, I was wondering how Savage administered the vials myself. And obviously they don't work that well because Grendel was able to SOLIDLY kick her butt. Maybe the juice affects different physiologies differently?

Love Jennie...she ahd a valid point about the Amazons being on their nice little island while womankind suffered. Then again, didn't the Amazons take in women who haphazardly wound up in their waters?

You know, sometimes Arty ain't that bright...I love her, but she is one violent chickee and doesn't always with the most rational plan. She is a fighter through and through, sometimes too much of one. I think that there could have been another way besides mass suicide as well. Didn't you all learn anything from that drivel that was Amazon Attacks?!?!?!!?

And what exactly happened at the end? Are the Amazons prisoners freed or are they to remain prisoners, but in a more humanitarian prison? Honestly they should remain in jail for what they did; but I really want to see Arty back on the island dealing with Achilles.

Maybe that is why Diana is thought of as a villain by her people in future issues, because she didn't free her sisters from that hellish prison, but advised them to remain?

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