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Subj: Re: Some good stuff w/WW 38...
Posted: Sun Nov 29, 2009 at 05:16:48 am EST (Viewed 337 times)
Reply Subj: Re: #38-And one more thing
Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2009 at 11:41:45 pm EST (Viewed 9 times)

Good issue. Good review too, covering pretty much character points that had me thinkin' too...

WW #38

    Ok, didn't like #37, but I liked #38. There is a whole lot of weird things going on (I like weird) that kinda make sense. I don't know the pacing of the books has been off to me for a while. And while #38 still is a little 'off' I like that we are moving along and that some previous storylines are starting to make sense. But I still have questions.

Yeah, things are becoming clearer.

    Arty- I love her so much. She is just so real. Stop the whining and be an Amazon. The years have done nothing to tame her. Good, you need people like that.

And check out her bodkin! Really liked that scene where she gives it up! \:D She IS intriguing. Thought her was stunning during her Deodato introduction then saw her back as a Bana during Amz.Attk. Her repeated self immolation creedo from Secret Six(unnecessarily unfootnoted) is taking some getting use to. So dont have a sense of her inbetween so reserving judgement.

    Diana- she has some humor even in the most dire situations. That's my WW.

To be honest, in hindsight, cant recall her joking this ish OTTOMH. Interesting the apparent bums rush to reestablish her as an Amazon citizen so fast after banishment. Like her poetic narration and thoughts still. Would have been entertaining to get even more thoughts about paying for her past crimes given this oppurtunity of a issue behind prison cell door - however, that is not a knock. Which reminds me - eyecatching cover too.

    Donna- huh? What is she doing in this book? Crazy one minute/ getting ready to kick butt the next/ but then has to be told by Arty what she needs to do. Kinda stupid and the characterization is a little weak for someone who is/was part of the Teen Titans and should know a lot more.

Yeah, what is her problem? She was running around - doing nothing. Seemed waaay off character. Any idead if this is before or after her BN bite?

    Achilles- haven't liked his rendition since Brad Pitt. \:P Loved his Wonder Man outfit, and the fact that he is actually showing some military knowledge. Yes, you have been a fool for long time, start thinking with your big head for once.

Ha! Funny even having not seen it based on reviews. Have been putting off seeing that flick and now utting it off more with your pan. ;\)

    Alky- ooh, a zealot snake. Gotta love/hate her. She believes in what she is doing and will do anything to accomplish the goal. I respect that. Don't like her, but her ideas are really not that different from Arty...just the execution of the plan.

She actually grew on me this issue. Not really in JR Ewing's league but she was entertaining this time 'round.

    And what a plan it is. They still love Hippy and would do anything for her. It would be nice for Hippy to return the favor and be the queen that we all know she can/has been.

And just like your addendum about civil wars, how many times can Amazons (and Bana) be held against their will by different factions within the last couple years? [At least we got the return of the apes even though living on the island will no longer be a barrel of fun for them after this treatment.]

    WHOSE YOUR DADDY?!?!!? Makes some/weird perfect sense. No Diana is not a golem of sand, but as part of her creation she is made from a bit of naughty. And somehow in my strange mind, it fits perfectly. Eagerly awaiting the finale.

That sudden element and surprise ending moved the story from average to good!

    How many civil wars can this island take?!?!? I mean is it a requirement now that under every writer, either there is to be a civil or the island is to be destroyed? There has got to be some happiness for these women or else we are going to have an Amazons gone Crazy issue. No wonder so many have left the island. Again...hoping this all leads to clean up of some dangling plot threads.

I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
I miss you, Dad & Dan. I miss you Dad and Dan. Support Cancer Research.
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