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I'm not all that big of a Wonder Woman fan. I like her, but she seems to be a difficult character to write. She seems to be more of an ideal or a symbol than an actual character. But I hear that the Azzarello run is really good, and that it might just be the best Wonder Woman run (At least some people are saying that, and some of them were seemingly never really fans.). I like Azzarello, his dialogue has a certain style to it, but he seems to only really be suited for dark stories (Sort of a one-trick pony.), or crime driven, hard-boiled stories (His Superman wasn't all that great, and his Batman storyline was pretty bad.). So I didn't think that he would be a good fit for the character or the book, but people seem to really dig it. Is it worth the hype? I did read most of the Greg Rucka run (Just due to the fact that it was by Greg Rucka.), and I thought that it was okay (Not great.), the issue where she kills Maxwell Lord was the highlight (By the way, is that still in continuity? I would guess not.). I don't think that I would like the George Perez run, which I know is considered to be a classic, because I don't think that it's aged all that well. But is the Azzarello run really worth all the hype? Would it get someone who wants to like Wonder Woman but never really has, to enjoy the book? In other words, not a newbie, but someone who doesn't really care about her past continuity, or I-Chang, or anything like that. I would like to hear your thoughts. Thanks. I hope that you guys enjoyed the run, regardless. Also, does she still know Batman's secret identity? I hear that she knows Superman's, and the relationship between the three of them used to be a very big deal, and a cornerstone of the DC universe.

Azzarello flourishes with hard-boiled takes, as that's where he lives, IMO. Wonder Woman under his writing isn't an easy sell.

The best thing about it is Azzarello's willingness to start over from the ground up, re-imagining Wonder Woman and her mythos as per the import of N52. The trouble with that is, on the micro and macro level, what he produces doesn't all ways come across as Wonder Woman per se. Wonder Woman's clay origin may seem easily dispensed with, however, the Galatea approach gave her a uniqueness in that she was a woman formed by women. She is Adam on Paradise Island. Azzarello making her the daughter of Zeus is expedient, but doing so makes her wedged among the ranks of all of Zeus' other children, and the parallels between her and Heracles are just too glaring to ignore.

I have a background in classics, and Azzarello's approach to the Greek pantheon is like nails on a chalkboard for me. The idea that the gods would appear in such a manner is closer to the Egyptian pantheon, as the Greek gods were the pinnacle of human appearance (barring Hephaestus and Dionysus). Poseidon is the master of the oceans, not the daily catch as depicted in Wonder Woman's run.

The run was also absent of purpose, or should I say, a purpose of gravitas. If Superman has the never-ending battle, and Batman has Gotham, Wonder Woman has the mission to Man's World. All three are situations that call for beings of endless abilities, but Diana's oeuvre lacks a push beyond her wanting to get off the island. Gilligan wanted off the island as well, and he's no Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman as a goddess has been done before, and much like Byrne's work with her as the Goddess of Truth, Diana as goddess of war takes away from her importance as Wonder Woman, as a superheroine, icon, and inspiration on her own, rather than just one more of the pantheon. Besides, Athena does a better job than Wonder Woman or Ares.

If Steve Trevor is absent, Dian suffers greatly, IMO. A lot is made of Wonder Woman being important as an icon on different levels, but without Steve she's made into a cipher for whatever man seems cool at the time. Right now that man is Superman, but it's been Batman, Aquaman, etc. and none of them work. If Diana can't love and be in love with a man, then she's put on a pedestal and turned into a cold Madonna figure.

I didn't dislike Azzarello's run, I just didn't read anything worth the investment to continue past a certain point. I want to read Wonder Woman, a complete Wonder Woman, not Herculea.

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