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Subj: Re: How did WW Fans Like her showing in JLA movie?
Posted: Wed Nov 22, 2017 at 03:45:12 pm EST (Viewed 400 times)
Reply Subj: Re: How did WW Fans Like her showing in JLA movie?
Posted: Wed Nov 22, 2017 at 01:14:24 am EST (Viewed 420 times)

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    The new gods werer superior to the old gods per Jla, and Diana funneled power of Zeus through her bracelets to zap Ares down.


When did the old gods ever need Boom Tubes or Mother Boxes? When did they ever need an anti-life equation to bring about the end of everything?

Zeus in particular is shown to be the god who crated the Earth and everything on it. When did any New God ever engage in such a feat of creation?

Why didn't Diana funnel the same power to zap Steppenwolf down?

    And Superman shoudl been shown physically superior to her....


    She had her great feats, like in the bank, and is their natural leader, and extremely durable!

And you really don't see how out of whack that is?

Diana is now the team's inspiration and focal point, a role that was traditionally Superman's. And Superman wasn't just an inspiration to the League but to the entire world, especially the superhero community.

But that Superman isn't here. Instead we have an uber powerful bull in a china shop. A man who destroyed Smallville, destroyed Metropolis, wilfully murdered a man, threatened the US government and military and wrecked millions of dollars worth of their property. A man whose failure in the simple act of communication has led half the world to worship him as a god, and the other half to fear and hate him.

Even his resurrection was only done because the JL needed a weapon, not out of love. If Steppenwolf hadn't attacked, they'd have left him to rot in the ground. As Man of Steel himself says in the film, 'I didn't think you did it because you liked me'.

There's been ZERO thought given to these characters in the Snyderverse. Flash is reduced to comic relief. Batman is a reactionary moron. Aquaman behaves more like a street thug than a monarch. Cyborg is a potential traitor whose life was saved by Apokolyptian technology rather than his father's genius. Wonder Woman is back to being third rate whenever men are around.

And Superman has been reduced to a deus ex machina instead of an integral part of a team.

They've got these characters completely wrong, and it's a BIG part of he reason the DC films don't do well.

While I do not totally disagree, I will say that Wonder Woman is really the only character in the movie you want to see more of when it is over. Maybe Flash, but really it is WW and that is it.

Batman has been pretty bad in these movies in particular.

Look Raist bunnies...
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