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Subj: Re: Wonder Woman #758: Don't be a STRANGER...
Posted: Tue Jul 14, 2020 at 04:41:23 pm CDT (Viewed 169 times)
Reply Subj: Wonder Woman #758: Don't be a STRANGER...
Posted: Sun Jul 12, 2020 at 06:29:50 am CDT (Viewed 207 times)

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...SHARE your thoughts about the Stranger story!
Comment on this ish? The heroes' big fight? The art? Anything?
What do you think of the "reveal" of PS's true name/past: ISCARIOT in the new main DC timeline?!
Do you feel the fate of Von Gunther fair?!
What about decision (of Diana AND DC) to allow Amazons off Themyscira to intermingle with citizens of Earth?!

Wonder Woman 758
> Wonder Woman puts herself on the line to save Warmaster from an ancient power-the Phantom Stranger! But Diana is out of her depth, and the Stranger’s power knows no limit! Is our hero prepared to break eternal law to save her former friend? Or is the Circle of Eternity’s judgment exactly what Warmaster deserves?

This ish is source of the new banner submission.

I miss Dad & Dan.

I am hard pressed to remember a time when DC Comics was putting out such mediocre flat material across their publishing line.
Whether it be the same old same old of The Flash, or the same old same old of Wonder Woman, the lack of energy and any ambition in the product has to be a source of worry for everybody.

With Wonder Woman you have a character with enormous potential that is rarely seen to be reached. Over the years she has remained strangely aloof to both the readership and the peoples of the earth she lives on alike, and with Wonder Woman #758 all of the problems with both the character AND the book are on full display.
Off on another quest in mystical other-realms, Amazon issues being dealt with, and no sign of anything to really connect either Diana or the reader to a recognisable human world.


The last time I recall The Phantom Stranger appearing in Wonder Woman was way back in John Byrne's very enjoyable first year on the title, just after William Messner-Loebs and Mike Deodato's equally enjoyable run on the character, and there we had The Phantom Stranger used to his best effect as the always enigmatic stranger who steps into a situation to help the innocent, and departs the scene with quiet and modest respect from all.
He's a wonderful character this, a walking mystery man with no name but the one people give to him. Is he angel, spirit, immortal, wizard, or... other? There is no answer to be had. As it should be.

Everything about his use here in Wonder Woman #758 is wrong, the retention of the risible Iscariot identity speaks of the indifference and mismanagement of editorial, the use of the traditionally wise and covert Phantom Stranger is completely absent, and with the use of Diana as balancing conscience who has to step forward to actually combat and resist the Stranger's excessive actions what the lasting impression given here is is that there is a writer here who has no understanding or knowledge of the character, and an editorial who, if doing their job, would have advised the use of The Spectre instead.
The Spectre being in use over in Justice League may have been the factor responsible perhaps? Perhaps the original script did have The Spectre and was changed at the last minute for the Phantom Stranger...?

Regardless, the characters use in this manner is at odds with what he typically is.

Beyond that there really isn't much I can comment on with this issue, another scuffle and friction with her Mother is par for the course for Wonder Woman, whether Paula Von Gunther is a worthwhile effort, or will even be seen after this story is concluded, seems like an academic question as this is a character we are given no real reason to care for. Character development takes time, and it seems most unlikely writer Steve Orlando will have the time or the space to develop her any further. It's a pity this book is so unstable with its creative teams as Orlando did reasonable service to Supergirl and her cast when he was regular writer on that book, but with its ever-changing writer/artist and the same old sae old plots being recycled for the series it has to be strongly suspected that DC Comics sees 'Wonder Woman' as being but a brand marker, a character there to act as advertisement for multimedia and merchandise rather than a character and a series that can move onwards and forwards and develop as a character.

She remains therefore stuck in a deep rut. Almost calcified. Banal plots, empty characters, and a series going nowhere.
But she certainly isn't alone in that when you look across the rest of the DC publishing line alas... \(coffee\)

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