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Subj: Re: Wonder Woman #759: Waitaminnit! He's alive?
Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 at 06:18:02 am CDT (Viewed 97 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Wonder Woman #759: Waitaminnit! He's alive?
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Maxwell Lord was the villain in Dan Didio's OMAC, and has been seen here and there is the DC Universe since. But I think it a little odd really that a character who is perhaps best known for being the sponsor of the Justice League in the mid-1980s onwards, and who, long after that fact, ended up being redeveloped into a not entirely convincing master manipulator who had faked it all, now ends up in the here and now as a man without a Justice League past and who is an out and out villain being held in a top security meta-human jail. But his inexplicable appearance in this book is not the only jarring moment - quite how Diana goes from a road traffic incident to breaching a top security prison the next page is an even poorer moment. Poor as it is just something that is inexplicable, there's no rationale given for it. And when taken as a whole while this issue shows some promising intent it also shows a lack of understanding in telling coherent stories. An editorial hand should have been there to manage this new writer and artist and point out these slips in basic storytelling logic.

Still, as an attempt at making a statement of their arrival and intent as the new creative team for 'Wonder Woman' Mariko Tamaki and Mikel Janin do largely impress. I felt this this issue was a noticeably more energetic and accessible issue, and Mariko Tamaki shows some promise here as she appears to be addressing my concerns with Wonder Woman (both character and book) having become stuck in a rut drifting through endless rehashing of the same material. The more Wonder Woman drift off into 'quests' and fairy-tale lands the less interesting she gets as a character, as there is nothing for either the reader or her to engage with on a human level. And by opening her first issue with Diana once again deciding to put down some roots to earth and among normal people she becomes that bit more accessible on a human level and interesting to follow once more.

Mikel Janin's approach to the book is similarly promising as his use of big wide panels, and helped significantly by colourist Jordie Bellaire's very light and airy hues for the scenes with Diana meeting her neighbours and shopping, give the book a very pleasing flow and sense of freshness. It's all still congealing, but this new team is certainly a step up from any i have seen since Greg Rucka departed.

I am showing my age here - the scenes with the bunny to me bring back fond memories of Lyta Trevor's pet Kanga's way back in Infinity Inc!
Kanga's for those who don't know were a form of kangaroo to be found on Paradise Island, back in the days before the 1986 DC Comics reboot. Lyta Trevor was gifted to baby Kanga's and while I am sure it is coincidental the scenes in Mariko Tamaki Mikel Janin's debut here evoke those early Infinity Inc (issue #16 for instance) to a remarkable degree.
There is no reason to think Kanga's exist on the modernday Themiscyra, but what a charming detail it would add to the book, and character of Diana, if they did, and brought a baby one as companion/pet... (rose)

This issue is disjointed to follow. We are being introduced to this man, Maxwell Lord, an established villain the story suggests, but... WHO is he? The way he is introduced as the story's narrator leaves the reader indifferent, as we have no sense of who he is, or why he is of any significance. Why is this man any real threat to Wonder Woman is a very pressing question, because on the face of it, he isn't.
The make-up of Diana's neighbours as introduced here is a trifle too cliche'd, as each one seems more a specific creative choice rather than an attempt at random everyday people.
But despite these flaws there is reason to be optimistic here at least, finally we have Diana back on earth and trying for some attempt as living a quieter, more normal life. And for me at least that matter alone is reason to be optimistic with this new creative team. \(yes\)

Doers checkmate still exist, and he is their King still, with vast psontic powers?

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