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Subj: I'm going out on a limb and guessing that Kyle and Yost might keep alive characters that they've used in the Wolverine and the X-Men cartoon.
Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2009 at 01:12:06 am EST (Viewed 23 times)
Reply Subj: NECROSHA coming to the end...who's gonna stay alive in the end ???
Posted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 at 07:09:27 am EST (Viewed 349 times)

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Below is an alphabetical list of the mutants who have been resurrected. Alongside each name is the issue in which that character first appeared since their resurrection, or was announced to have been resurrected.

Here's an alphabetical list of the resurrected dead:

â– Banshee : X-Force vol. 3 #21
â– Barnacle : X-Force vol. 3 #21 (announced, not seen)
â– Beef : X Necrosha #1
â– Berzerker : X Necrosha #1
â– Bevatron : X Necrosha #1
â– Siena Blaze : X-Force vol. 3 #22
â– Caliban: X-Force vol. 3 #11
â– Catseye : X Necrosha #1
â– Fabian Cortez : X-Force Annual vol. 2 #1
â– Cypher : X Necrosha #1
â– Darkstar : X-Force vol. 3 #21
â– Deadbolt : X-Force vol. 3 #21
â– Delgado : X-Force Annual vol. 2 #1
â– Destiny : X-Force vol. 3 #19
â– Feral : X-Force vol. 3 #21
â– Firefist : X-Force vol. 3 #21
â– Hemingway : X-Force vol. 3 #21
â– Hurricane : X-Force vol. 3 #21
â– Jetstream : X Necrosha #1
â– Katu : X-Force vol. 3 #21 (announced, not seen)
â– Harry Leland : X Necrosha #1
â– Maggott : X-Force vol. 3 #21
â– Mellencamp : X-Force Annual vol. 2 #1
â– Negasonic Teenage Warhead : X-Force vol. 3 #22
â– Pyro : X Necrosha #1
â– Rem-Ram : X-Force vol. 3 #21 (announced, not seen)
â– Risque : X Necrosha #1
â– Roulette : X Necrosha #1
â– Scaleface : X-Force vol. 3 #21
â– Shinobi Shaw : X-Force vol. 3 #21
â– Skin : X-Force vol. 3 #22
â– Spoor : X-Force vol. 3 #21 (announced, not seen)
â– Spyne : X-Force vol. 3 #21
â– Static : X-Force vol. 3 #21 (announced, not seen)
â– Stonewall : X-Force vol. 3 #21
â– Super Sabre : X-Force vol 3 #21
â– Synch : X-Force vol 3 #22
â– Tarot : X Necrosha #1
â– Thunderbird : X Necrosha #1 (resurrected at same time as Caliban)
â– Tower : X-Force vol. 3 #21
â– Unus the Untouchable : X-Force vol. 3 #21 (announced, not seen)

I say CYPHER will be the only one...Except if selene becomes the queen of NECROSHA with all other deaths as slaves but why to make, she just wants food !

Clearly, they like them if they've dusted them off for that show.

That would mean Berzerker could stick around. He was also a character on X-Men Evolution along with Scaleface, and Kyle/Yost were involved with that program too. So he's a fave of theirs.

Mellencamp has been in a lot of the recent cartoons. Then they also have had Pyro, Feral, and Leland appear. Blink has been in several Wolverine & the X-Men episodes, and she was basically resurrected for Necrosha. (she turned out to never have been dead at all, but the end result is the same)

Cypher doesn't fit with my line of reasoning here, but he's definitely staying, no question.

As for who I *want* to remain alive, here's my own list drawn from who we've seen resurrected so far:

Banshee, Berzerker, Caliban, Cypher, Darkstar, Destiny, Feral, Firefist, Pyro, Risque, Scaleface, Skin, and Synch.

I don't have any particular affection for the Hellions individually, but I do like them in the sense that they're fun opponents for the New Mutants. So heck, let 'em live!

Even some others, like Mellencamp and Hemingway have good visuals, despite not ever had any character development. I don't see the harm in leaving them alive.

There are quite of few of the Defilippis/Weir squad kids I'd like to see brought back, but they haven't appeared in Necrosha so far. At the very least: Wallflower, DJ, Quill, Dryad, and Network. (why Onyxx lived while more interesting characters were axed, I'll never know)

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