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Subj: Re: I need updates on these characters please (like any ne developements on them)
Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2009 at 01:11:30 pm EST (Viewed 19 times)
Reply Subj: Re: I need updates on these characters please (like any ne developements on them)
Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2009 at 10:00:41 am EST (Viewed 226 times)

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    1. Cyclops

Scott has continued to prove he's clearly losing his mind by relocating most of Earth's surviving mutants to one single location off the coast of California.

    2. Iceman

Still an X-Man.

    3. Beast

I believe he's just buggered off.

    4. Angel/Archangel

Got his metal back recently, and is now a member of the new X-Force.

    5. Jean Grey

Dead. Defunct. Gone to join the choir invisible. If she wasn't nailed to her perch she'd be pushing up the daisies.

    6. Professor X

Still around, but playing second fiddle to Cyclops.

    7. Nightcrawler

Still an X-Man, as far as I know.

    8. Colossus

Still an X-Man.

    9. Shadowcat

Still shooting through space on the cosmic bullet.

    10. Emma Frost

Stuck in her diamond form because she is hosting a piece of the Void, I believe.

    11. Cable (and the baby)

Still getting chased by Bishop.

    12. Bishop

Going even further off the rails after he got his eye clawed out by a time-displaced Wolverine.

    13. Sage

Stuck in the wall of the Exiles' Crystal Palace.

    14. Gambit

Not an X-Man at the moment, I think, but he's now able to switch back and forth between his normal self and Black Gambit.

    15. Rogue

Still an X-Man.

    16. Storm

Splitting her time between being on the X-Men and looking after Wakanda.

    17. Psylocke

Currently, she's off on a badly-written quest to kill Matsu'o Tsurayaba for destroying her old body.

    18. Wolverine

He's everywhere. Including an asylum.

    19. Darkstar (original and new one)

The original is still deader than disco, and the new one is twiddling her thumbs in limbo after her team got bashed to a pulp by the Red Hulk.

    20. Chamber

He got his mouth back thanks to an infusion of Apocalypse's blood (since he and Blink are distant descendants of the big A), and now sports a grey-skinned look, complete with Apoca-lips. He was then a New Warrior under the codename Decibel (having gained new powers through sonic technology), until that team folded.

    21. Stacy X

Dead. She was depowered like Chamber, thanks to M-Day, and was also a member of the New Warriors, but died during one of their last missions.

    22. X-23

Off with X-Force.

    23. Dust

No idea. Maybe she blew away or got sucked up by a hoover...

    24. Longshot

Now a member of Jamie Madrox's X-Factor Investigations.

    25. Dazzler

Hanging out with the X-Men, not doing very much.

    26. Cannonball

He's back as the leader of the re-formed New Mutants.

    27. Sunspot

Part of the New Mutants again.

    28. Moonstar

Also a New Mutant, despite having had her powers taken away by M-Day.

    29. Karma

New Mutant.

    30. Wolfsbane

She's a member of X-Force, and is now carrying the child of a wolf-man.

    Also, is Brian Singer going to be directing a prequel or a sequel to the X-Men Series?

He's directing X-Men: First Class, which is a prequel.

Some notes that should be pointed out:

1.) Wolfsbane's child is from Hrimhari the Wolf-GOD, isn't it?

2.) The Second Darkstar is ALSO dead, killed by a horrific creature in the Winter Guard one-shot. We are now on Darkstar #3. Note, however, that the one-shot shows that part of Darkstar #1's essence has lived on in the power amulet that the others have been using to mimic her, and her father has a scheme in place to use that amulet and his VAST cosmic power to restructure her from the amulet and whatever other Darkstar he can get his hands on.


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