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Posted: Tue Dec 29, 2009 at 02:45:06 pm EST (Viewed 207 times)
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    Uncanny X-Men #519

    Liked the cover.

So did I, but I expected more of a Beast story.

    Liked the prologue but not, not knowing where - CAFFE with 2 f's is hardly a clue. Also know almost nothing of Fantomex, having read little of Morrison's run yet, but that was long ago so any exciting demand for this character is suspect.

The prologue is referring to events from last issue which took place in New York City. The boy is telling Fantomex that he saw the corpse of the girl that was killed by the Predator X. That is where.

"Caffe" is the Italian word for coffee. Lots of Italians in New York.

    Disliked the use of a perfectly cool phrase: PSYCHIC LOCKDOWN. What a shame and/or wasteful casual use of a potentially neat phrase. Real odd that Mags could physically leave during it. Better if they had said this whole room rather than the whole island. But then again it felt wrong that Emma seemed to pop out of the supposed lockdown too.

Why is it odd that Mags physically left? It's a psychic lockdown.

    Liked Emma willing to risk going back into Scott's mind. Another potentially pet peeve psi fact to not is that this differentiates individual mindscape from shared mindscapes in the past. Also, is it because Emma was a telepath that she got a Void Scar but Scott doesnt or is this just an Editorial oversight?

Most mindscapes we've seen in the past were individual ones. Emma only had the Void Scar because you could see through her diamond body.

    Disliked that they basically said nothing really that new about Namor in 2 pages and ended with him touching hands thru a glass like it was prison and this was a conjugal visit of sorts. Nitpicky about talking thru a windshield and water even if easily no-prized. It should have been atop Utopia island where Namor has been recently. He'll accomodate the human Shuri but not the mutant Max, eh? BTW, has there been a conference between Magneto and Norman yet?

Eh... Sound does travel through water.

    Disliked the idea of tying in a new Atlantis to Utopia like this for any long term. It seems it would be handtying to MU stories to always include Namor-verse in any X-verse appearance. And why Namor as his goto guy? Cant Mags just make a pillar of metal? HOW would Namor be expected to raise a column of foundation based on his current/past resources?

Namor has tons of resources and immense physical strength. But yes, Magneto should be able to do this.

    Liked Beast's decision (finally made).


Not a fan of it. At all.

    Disliked not finding out WHY the Void wanted Scott as it seemed the topic of this arc.

I'm wondering what the bloody point of the whole Void thing was. I thought it had more merit as a way to knock Emma out of commission for a while.

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