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        Liked the prologue but not, not knowing where - CAFFE with 2 f's is hardly a clue. Also know almost nothing of Fantomex, having read little of Morrison's run yet, but that was long ago so any exciting demand for this character is suspect.

      The prologue is referring to events from last issue which took place in New York City. The boy is telling Fantomex that he saw the corpse of the girl that was killed by the Predator X. That is where.

      "Caffe" is the Italian word for coffee. Lots of Italians in New York.





        Disliked the use of a perfectly cool phrase: PSYCHIC LOCKDOWN. What a shame and/or wasteful casual use of a potentially neat phrase. Real odd that Mags could physically leave during it. Better if they had said this whole room rather than the whole island. But then again it felt wrong that Emma seemed to pop out of the supposed lockdown too.

      Why is it odd that Mags physically left? It's a psychic lockdown.

    Void has been considered a pretty serious threat. ISLAND PSYCHIC LOCKDOWN should have included some restricted physical movement on the island. Youre just asking for a psi-jacking with anybody being let out of the gate.

They were just trying to contain a psychic entity. It shouldn't really matter what anyone physically does.

    Too bad the inflection is not readable in Scott's last sentence delivery. How did you take it? "WHAT'S NEXT?" as in an upset 'what else can possibly go wrong?' or "WHAT'S NEXT?" as in a cold dispassionate 'che sarà sarà, what is next on our agenda'?

A combination of both, I think. Mild exasperation, plus an eagerness to solve the next situation.

Correct me if I am wrong here, but was it not a sliver of the void, not the whole entity?