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Subj: Re: NEW MUTANTS #8
Posted: Sun Jan 03, 2010 at 12:22:37 am EST (Viewed 161 times)
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    What everyone think of this issue ?
    I did not so like, between drawings, and story...

It wasa a great issue, imo. The ending even brought a tear to my eye.

    Once again another person than ILLYANA can hold her sword.

The sword is not particular about who carries it. It's not like Thor's hammer. Even Darkon has carried it.

    I do not absolutely recognize CATSEYE, she's bad draw, and out of the character.

Well, that's to be expected of the dead.

    Strange as well that SUNSPOT and DANI did not cross WOLFSBANE by bringing MAGMA to see NEMESIS in the same place where she was...

We don't know that was the same place. I'm sure there is more than one medical room.

    If it is also easy to return DOUG, I would like that WARLOCK takes ILLYANA's soulsword and fights against the HELLIONS, RUSTY, BOLT, DARKSTAR, FERAL, CALIBAN, BANSHEE, RISQUE and everything others than I would like to see again...

I suspect that it only got rid of Doug's bad programming. The sword has already been used against the Hellions, and just like when Karma used her power against them, they like working for Selene.

I did like the issue, Its been ages since the SoulSword is not bond only to its carrier. Everyone can hold the Sword. The Hellions are losers specially the new ones in this issue ( the best members are no longer with them) The only member that I will regret not seeing again is Tarot. Bebatron and Beef arent Thunderbird or Empath, they are just a couple of lame wannabes created by Nicenza for New Warriors. Cateyes is the other hellion that I like but I guess she is gone now.

I guess they should use the sword with other characters like Rusty or Risque.

This book is awesome! I totally enjoyed the issue.

AH! Feral was de-powered, it makes NO sense to see her as one of the techzombies.