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Subj: Re: It Seems Largely Endemic In the US,
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    Excalibur were accepted as Britains first line of Heroes and seemed immune to the politics elsewhere in the X-Books.

Most of Excalibur weren't mutants and it did help to be led by the UK's version of Captain America, who is also a multidimensional hero to boot, married to someone mystically attached to the British Isles. Even when the roster had the likes of Pete Wisdom, Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler and Wolfsbane I never saw it as a mutant or political book and their mysteries were well contained within their pages.

In a sense Excalibur was the Aveengers without the federal interference.

    San Franscisco has always been friendly to the X-Men and Mutants.

who is San Fran not friendly to?