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Subj: Re: Nation X #1...
Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2010 at 01:21:07 am EST (Viewed 212 times)
Reply Subj: Nation X #1...
Posted: Tue Jan 05, 2010 at 11:21:06 pm EST (Viewed 330 times)

    NATION X #1

    Good cover EXCEPT that does NOT look like Logan, Namor does not do lazy beards, Rogue typo herself Rouge with all that lipstick and makeup, and MU Beast looks more like Disney Beast.

Eh. Looks enough like Logan to me.
Hey, Namor used to be a bum in New York City.
I guess Dr. Nemesis or Rao botoxed Rogue.
That's actually the best and most cat-like Beast I've seen in a while.

    Story 1:
    Unexplored island tunnels? Oh, like we never saw that one coming. \:\) Also IIRC, trying to find the panel of an issue in the last two months where it is specifically stated [by Cyke?] that the island was submerged for [5?] years? Anyone know the ish offhand??

Pretty sure this is the first Asteroid M, which would have been submerged a lot longer than 5 years.

    Poor Rockslide has yet to had any consistent coolness he had in defunct New X-men.


    Has Anole cursed before?

Don't know. Maybe in that story were he beat Northstar.

    Story 2:
    Mr.Macguffin - nice name/guy but for someone sympathetic to their cause - calling the mutants to personally hand the money on 'enemy' USA soil wasnt very kind.

    Logan driving a semi - nice image but thats what they 'gots' teleporters for! Sheesh.

Just because they can do something doesn't mean they always want to. Logan likes adventures.

    Uhhh, the outside stalls were free.

Yeah. And?

    The answer is DOMINO. You are sure to get lucky! ;\)

I would say the opposite. Domino seems to have higher standards. Betsy's the class slut.

    Jackelope, right? Some movie sight gag homage?

The Jackalope is an age-old American folklore, dating back to at least the 1700s, and probably based on the very real Shope papilloma virus, which actually makes cancerous, horn-like growths on rabbits.

    BTW, has Kurt ever dealt with Puppet Master?

Never did, but Puppet Master is publicly known.

    Story 3:
    Who is Alien-out-of-the-mouth-instead-of-the-stomach Girl and Armor-all Boy?

Tongue with a mouth girl is Bliss, and Armoured guy is Litterbug, former Morlocks, and last seen during Brubaker's "Ëxtremists" arc (w/ Masque, Erg, Skids...).

    Storm can provide freshwater to name another.

Yup. Also, Hellion could use his telekinesis to purify the water as training session.

    Story 4:

Um... this is the same story.

    Who sits to left of Namor?

Fever Pitch

    Oh no! Are they gonna do a Wally West the fast food junkie metabolism thing now? Hope not. Save it for Cho.

I would have thought the opposite, and that he drained energy from things so didn't need much food. But oh well...

    What story was STINGER in previously?

She got her start in the opening arc of X-Factor v1. She was a teammate of Frenzy, Tower, and Timeshadow in the Alliance of Evil, Apocalypse's dumbest henchmen. Last seen in New Mutants Annual #7 (yes, about 19 years ago).

    Best Iceman story in some time. Best story of the issue.

50 times better than that story with Mystique in Divided We Stand (was it?).

    Story 5:
    FANTASTIC Russian saying to incorporate into this story. It really is one, eh? So neat, if so.

Curious about this, myself.

    NEODYMIUM. Is this an introduction. Maybe USAgents new shield could be made of this!

Neodymium is a real element, and it is not that hard at all. It's only slightly harder than 304 stainless steel (most common stainless steel in use). So, yes... Maybe the USAgent could use it for his shield. \(devil\)

    Remnant magnetism?

Neodymium magnets (and alloy with iron and boron) are the strongest known permanent magnets.

    Illyana is such a rotten snot here. (Probably in character though after her last mini.)

I adored her in this story. She's so right, and not a snot. She's trying to snap Piotr out of his funk.

    WHO IS THE RED HAIRED BABE with the X-cap??????

It's gotta be Magma. Guess she got a dye job.

    An ground breaking adventure with the X-Gardeners for us to dig... *sarcasm off* Or is it a multi-page origin of the SNOWFLAKE... *okay, sarcasm off now*

I'm really not sure using a tractor is going to do any good. It should take a lot more than a normal tilling to turn an asteroid into arable land.

    Disappointed they only used scribble names.

Me too.

City of Heroes is BACK!
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