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Subj: Re: Nation X: X-Factor FOR PAD (SPOILERS)
Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2010 at 10:30:07 am EST (Viewed 248 times)
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Posted: Wed Jan 06, 2010 at 03:43:34 pm EST (Viewed 52 times)

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Thanks. So do you.


this Nation X-factor was the most fun comics book I read from a long time
love how you make interact the x-people

love to see rictor and shatterstar arguing like a real couple with jalousy issue and it's also funny to see pixie, northstar, boom boom and even iceman in the mix!!! but for me I think shatterstar is not in the same road than Ricto, poor Ric he might expect to much of this relation

love to see M, Siryn and Moonstar interact all together, when they almost never did it in the past!!!
I'm sure that Siryn and Moonstar have met before during X-force run
but M never really met with Moonstar on panel }
but even that not bothered me, when I'm a big continuity defender
because you make it so fun with Monet comment....and how Dani anwsered

great interaction between darwin and charles and even this brand new character Costra or something that I didn't catch if it was a he or she
not bothered me, when I'm the first to complain when I see a brand new mutant apparing from nowhere after M-day

finally what you have done with Ali and Longhsot was amazing and fun
in one issue you give to dazzler much more exposure and sense that in every last fraction issues
I mean don't misunderstand me,
I like a lot what Fraction do in UXM
with this amazing huge cast of X-members but Ali deserve much more exposure
and I think -how you make interact people in this issue- was very awesome
moreover because you pratically not use the too much exposed character emma, magneto, namor, colossus, beast, pyslocke, wolverine, prof-X.....
you focused on some more interesting and less used in UXM like boom boom, dazzler, northstar, moonstar, iceman, surge, rockslide...
for me you miss just one karma...

but anyway this issue was really amazing
thanks for that
you make x-comics fun again
and this what we miss a lot recently