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Subj: Just a question here... but why do you even need a team when you're using Legion?
Posted: Mon May 02, 2011 at 05:22:49 pm EDT (Viewed 169 times)
Reply Subj: After years of disrespect i would like this x-men team to go beat some people up.
Posted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 at 09:26:55 pm EDT (Viewed 313 times)

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I just reread the garbage that was WWH:Xmen and i have decided that i would like them to write a what if that has a team of X-men go rogue and go to war with the rest of the marvel u. This would be my team.

Madison Jefferies

I would just love to see this team going all out and destroying the marvel U. Mostly the Hulk. The whole Hulk Family for that matter. Since we have heavy hitters like Our Lord Magneto and the God mutant Legion it would not be hard. I would actually love to just watch Legion do to the hulk family what WWH did to the x-men. Anyway i think that team turned all cold blooded killers would defeat all the marvel U pretty easily.

To explain Box being on the team i think it would be interesting having him square off against Iron Man. Elixar is there as a healer. Wolverine X-23 Angle and Psylocke have already shown they can be killers.

Magneto is Magneto and Frenzy is the muscle.

I like the dynamic of Magneto and Rogue so she joins his cause.

Then we have Legion. I have always loved the character and his recent rebirth in the x-universe has been great. I think the schism on the x-men will be related to how to deal with David. I hope he is a large player for a long time to come.

Finally Magik. She is evil it is pretty clear. I really would love to see a Magik more like the exiles do anything version.

The guy's OMEGA! He's got cosmic+ level powers... Used to be he began his 2010-career with Molecule Man powers, but I think the way he's advanced now, he's like Phoenix or even more apt, Scarlett Witch.

He can do ANYTHING! This isn't even a fight...

It'd turn into Thanoseid-level cosmic hijinx by issue #2.

I think if you removed him from the lineup, you might actually have a bit more of an interesting comic. Then you'd actually have a fight, instead of Legion snapping his fingers and your original plot being over in 5 pages.

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