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Subj: Re: Who is the woman?
Posted: Fri May 06, 2011 at 06:02:24 am EDT (Viewed 289 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Who is the woman?
Posted: Fri May 06, 2011 at 12:14:01 am EDT (Viewed 294 times)

Thanks TBG.



      It will impact the Legacy and New Mutants, at least, and probably others. This could be what kicks off this MMXI: Year of the X-Men stuff.


    Everybody remembers what happened in AoX. When reality is restored, a relieved Frenzy rushed up to Cyclops and kisses him, only to be verbally backhanded by Emma. As Scott and Emma walk away, Joanna Cargill is very upset with tears in her eyes. We'll be seeing more of her in Legacy.

Cool. Frenzy deserves more facetime.

    Also, Storm and Namor give each other sad looks as they realize they're no longer together.

*groan* Whats the math on all the love triangles can Namor have Scott/Emma/Namor T'Challa/Ororo/Namor, Reed/Sue/Namor, Abira/Marrina/Namor, Herc/Namor/Namor...

    Part of Age of X was that all the mutants went through a Groundhog Day situation, where every day, human soldiers would attack them over and over and over... Cyclops/Basilisk noticed something strange in that the dog tags of the soldiers were repeating. Anyway, after it's over, Blindfold mourns the dead... all of them... even the repeats.

Darn, was going to add but neglected to mock Scott in Schism review when he cried about not at all being able to see the future - Hello? Blindfold?


    Ghost Rider did almost nothing. About the only thing we see him doing is briefly capturing Marrow before Chamber rescues her.

    Invisible Woman - the FF were hiding mutants; looks like Wolfsbane went nuts, almost killing Franklin, so Sue ratted out her family.

    Steel Corpse (Tony Stark) - infected by a technovirus that's been slowly devouring his body, he's pretty much a corpse fused within his armour.

There was that DIS link at the IMMB yesterday.

    Hulk/Banner is brutal and hates mutants; he was part of a government experience against mutants, and one of the mutant victims went crazy with the powers, leading to Banner becoming Hulk.

    Spidey - well, he was just a slave on Banner's chain; Banner is given the green light, so he kills him. Before Peter became a slave, MJ escaped to Paris with their unborn daughter.

    Redback (Jessica Drew) - not much different, but more brutal; she's an assassin; we're shown a flashback of her garrotting Sinister.

    Oh, and they're led behind the scenes by General Frank Castle.

    Anyway, most of this team turns traitor in the end and dies protecting the mutants. They're ordered to kill a bunch of mutant kids and they refuse. Banner dies still hating mutants and trying to kill the rest of the team.

OT: Oh, an kicking myself for overlooking that Toro was in attendance at the prom. Still expected Onslaught mini would mean less than nothing unless he was the hero to die instead of Rikki after yesterday's penultimate ish.

Still missing my brother...

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