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Subj: Re: List who is NOW living on Utopia...
Posted: Wed May 11, 2011 at 02:35:31 pm EDT (Viewed 361 times)
Reply Subj: List who is NOW living on Utopia...
Posted: Wed May 11, 2011 at 06:56:12 am EDT (Viewed 402 times)

    Who else should be listed as current, (generally considered), named residents of Utopia? Theres probably a wack of ex-villains to add. Any new names revealed after Age of X?

I haven't read this week's books yet, but:

Angel Salvatore

    Maybe this Revenant person now? [Why is the pic so different between here and here?]

Because they are different characters. The first was an associate/slave/bodyguard of Ransome Sole.

  1. Angel
  2. Anole[10]
  3. Armor[13]
  4. Avalanche
  5. Beast (previews hint)
    If he's on the island, it's probably just a visit.
  6. Blindfold[13]
  7. Bling![19]
  8. Bliss
  9. Boom-Boom[23]
  10. Cannonball[24]
  11. Danger
  12. Dr. Cecilia Reyes[25]
  13. Dr. Nemesis
  14. Dr. Rao
  15. Cipher[26]
  16. Colossus[16]
  17. Cyclops[16]
  18. Cypher [27]
  19. Dazzler[31]
  20. Domino[33]
  21. Dragoness[9]
  22. Dust[34]
  23. Elixir[34] could be, but hasn't really been seen since the end of Necrosha
  24. Empath[35]
  25. Emma Frost[16]
  26. Erg
  27. Ernst
  28. Frenzy
  29. Gambit[16]
  30. Gentle[13]
  31. Graymalkin
  32. Hellion[34]
  33. Hepzibah is she? Where?
  34. Hope Summers[63]
  35. Husk[16]
  36. Iceman[16]
  37. Indra[16]
  38. Madison Jeffries[9]
  39. Martha Johansson
  40. Jubi-Vamp
  41. Karma
  42. Kid Omega (Quentin Quire) - in a jar
  43. Legion[45]
  44. Lifeguard(?) No.
  45. Litterbug
  46. Loa[13]
  47. Magik[49]
  48. Magma[50]
  49. Magneto
  50. Match
  51. Mercury[34]
  52. Mystique[59] No.
  53. Namor the Sub-Mariner(living under it)
  54. Nekra
  55. Neophyte
  56. Northstar[15]
  57. Pixie[10]
  58. Omega Sentinel
  59. Outlaw
  60. Pixie
  61. Professor X
  62. Prodigy
  63. Psylocke[16]
  64. Random[37]
  65. Dr. Cecilia Reyes
  66. Rockslide
  67. Rogue[16]
  68. Angel Salvatore
  69. Shadowcat[16]
  70. Stepford Cuckoo-Celeste
  71. Stepford Cuckoo-Mindee
  72. Stepford Cuckoo-Phoebe
  73. Stinger
  74. Storm[77]
  75. Sunspot[16]
  76. Surge[34]
  77. Toad[73]
  78. Trance[11]
  79. Warlock
  80. Warpath[82]
  81. Wolverine[16]
  82. X-23 (off finding herself) yeah, but probably considers it her residence

  • Trometter, Laurie [Light]
  • Okonkwo, Idie [Light]
  • Uedo, Kenji [Light]
  • Macik, Teon [Light]
  • Cohuelo, Gabriel [Light]
  • Scalphunter(prisoner)

Think that's it.

Well, Empath is a prisoner too, and you've got him on the main list.

    Learned 2 big deals from this Wiki list(editted):

    HUH!!! Did not knew the Stepford Cuckoos were CLONES of Emma! Thought there last name was Stepford. Didnt read all of Morrison's run - my bad. Formulating a whole new mindset about 'em. So, theyre much 'younger' than Laura? Thinking missed opps for more interaction/comparison to X23 to date.

Yup. When Emma was in a coma at the X-Mansion after the Hellions died, her eggs were stolen... somehow. Thousands of clones were made; only 5 survived... now 3. Also, early depictions show the Cuckoos were of radically different ages. Some were short like small children; others were tall like teenagers. I'm not sure when, but they became the same height at some point. And no one at the school seemed to notice.

    HUH!!! Did not know that Doc Nemesis is a co-creator of the original Human Torch android! Missed that story too = my bad. Y'think that tidbit would be repeated ad infinitum in his ID boxes. Maybe they regret retconning some of Horton's limelight. Curious what ish his Doctor Death mentioned alias is from.

IMO, you're better off missing that story. It really pisses me off that they turned Nemesis, a Nazi hunter, into an actual Nazi collaborator for this retcon story. The only difference between this sort of character assassination and Bishop is that Bishop had more fans.

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