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Subj: Re: 'Nasty'?
Posted: Thu Sep 20, 2012 at 08:54:37 am CDT (Viewed 100 times)
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Yeah, out of context, maybe not the best panel choice for her changing 'tude but fun to see her comment towards Scott given their history. Technically, in that panel she is countermanding Cyke by not returning to base as requested/required (again).

She sure has been a disappointing non-factor in AvsX but her relationship with Panther and the one VS issue spotlight paints her as the worst of the feuding couple - no doubt as poor excuse to return her to the exclusively X-fold.

Used 'nasty' instead of 'bossy' in the uneditted subject line but on second thought it, mabye, too X-treme ATM. But 'scheming 'is good and is NOT Storm at her best. She has been more dupicidous and judgemental as opposed to wise and diplomatic has been her charm forever.

"Nasty" is far too subjective. And I really don't see what's so nasty about her in this.

Frankly, this is how Storm should always be written. It was showing her to be scheming, headstrong, independent, etc. She is not someone who is led (EVER); she leads and blazes her own path. That's the only compliment I give this story though.

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