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Subj: Re: X-Wo-Men #12: Please explain...
Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2014 at 05:25:20 pm EDT (Viewed 13 times)
Reply Subj: X-Wo-Men #12: Please explain...
Posted: Sat Mar 22, 2014 at 05:49:55 pm EDT (Viewed 329 times)

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OMG this was so BAD...

X-Men v4 012 (2014)

Please explain:

-Why they went with such a misrepresentative cover of which heroines fought what adversaries.
-Why they confuse sequence of events with that opening narration box that happened 4/5 thru the last issue. And since when does the writer-narrator get a colored box? At first it seemed to flow as words from a Sisterhood member but then had to stop and to confirm that in fact it wasn't a character narrating. Wasn't this the color used by Ana in issue #10?
-In what world would Typhoid Mary be "THE MUSCLE"?
-How is it reasonable that Amora can bring back any Jane Doe that was dematerialized to death by varied means?
-WTF is happening in the back and forth panels of surgery on Ana and Maddie Pryor return? This is a perfect point to insert the "WHAT THE HELA" meme again but that implies tongue-in-cheek reaction - when this is a serious messed up scenario finalizing the formation of the Sisterhood. Is it a mind transfer of Lady Deathstrike to Arkea/Reiko? How could LD consciousness even survive if Ana killed herself and thus the Ana/LD body? And Pryor's got an instant body between panels? After Selene got a whole tado for her rebirth? It is hard to believe anyone could annotate, in satisfactory fashion, the events from the hari kari last issue to the hot redhead on the bed! Hate this team that Arkea has formed so much!
-How many blackbirds we've been led to believe the JGS and NXS have? X-jets? Doves? It's very offputting. And in the backup, Cipher has to stay on board but here autopilot can keep this X-jet on hover?
-Was that roll call sound off panel corny and/or dumb? At the very least it continues to be a pet peeve that some use codenames and some don't.
-Does Storm need a haircut 'cuz her mohawk reaches her booty only in this title or is that artistic license?
-Who has confidence in a gun-totin' Karima? Not to mention no backup called in yet.
-How dumb or safe it is jumping out of a plane at that height in this particular scenario?
-Who would not think a "tip" sent by the enemy "could be a trap"?
-Monet can see heat signatures? Thru solid? And she deduces the Sisterhood is still recruiting how again?
-Why would Amora miscalculate her stranglehold so badly and be shocked that M is still alive?
-Monet has x-ray vision? And Amora's Asgardian bones are so frail from being knocked down -or- clearly Monet has a better than average chance at winning mano-a-mano (contrary to CBMB majority)? And please tell me it "ARROGANT BODY HEAT" is hyperbole in, well, heat of the moemnt.
-What is the thickest walls that Psylocke should be able to psi-chop thru?
-Psylocke can telepathically throw voices - against another telepath to boot? Hmmm.
-Neutralized the Impact Points? If Red Leader can store a backup brain/sentience online why they'd be confident that Prime Arkea couldn't? Not to mention the 'god' herself not having the thought.
-Storm vs Arkea. Psy vs Mary. Rache vs Pryor. M vs Am. Which was the most convincing battle? (If any.)
-OMG!!!!!!!! The X-women let the bad girls go like that?! "WE'LL SETTLE UP LATER". [sarcasm]Ooo, does that ever sound threatening.[/sarcarm] Hate this team that Storm has formed so much!
-What was Rachel smiling that freaky smile when Gabriel, just dumped by Rachel, flew in just to fly off with Karima? Genuine girlfriend love?

Ugh! Maybe some explanations will help... but it's doubtful! The X-kids vs Arkea-hacked Sentinels backup story and (certainly) art was better but not without some flaws too.

mar12 march19

I miss Dad and Dan.

Not gonna even try to go point by point.

My big issue here is that so much of this story is devoted to recruiting this new Sisterhood, just to have most of them walk away or give up without a fight. And then have Arkea dealt with, perhaps for good, so easily.

It's almost as if the writers were told this story had to end in issue 12 after they'd scripted it to last through 14 or beyond.