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Subj: Re: X-Wo-Men #12: Thanks...
Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 at 04:25:00 pm EDT (Viewed 4 times)
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      Not realy sure about any of that... especially the new body for Maddie.

    At least there's some relief that it wasn't just me.

Rereading some previous issues, and in #11 it was said that someone purchased Jean's DNA material. So, evidently, her body is cloned.


      Quentin needs his very own Quen-Jet.

    He should totally use that line at least.

Yes. And it should really irritate Wakanda.
And Cap.
And the FAA.
And most of all Wolverine.


      But the one I thing I loved about the B-Story is Cipher.

    Good for her scoring facetime given what seems to have been a one-shot character pitch then off to limbo.

Us Cipher Fans take what we (I?) can get. \:\)


      Very. But hey, Rachel is second-in-command. Woowoo. Least it's not Betsy. ;-p

    Ro needs better (go to) BFF's or just to go beg Kitty to come back.

If only Rachel would knock off the inane Sublime lust, she'd be alright. The rest: I agree... although maybe Monet could work.

I pine the team's loss of Karima. \:\(


      Betsy can fly (although she was being carried here).

    Well maybe technically with TK but has she ever done it over a lateral distance?

Yes, quite a bit.


      That was weird. But yes, heat signatures do go through solids.

    Yeah but wasn't aware she could see thru walls - too. Heat signatures thru, say, a jungle seems like it would have a lot less 'bio/mechanics' involved than thru a wall.

It is a common tactic of spec ops teams to see heat signatures through walls. I'm guessing that's how Wood was thinking with Monet.


      Amora's not much of a fighter. Things like that can be hard to judge.

    Fine. Just seemed like a forced plot device for M to pull a Hulk Hogan turnaround victory.

They're probably about evenly matched, physically. Monet's strength is on par with classic Asgardian levels. Amora really doesn't know Monet from Adam or her limits, and she did just kind of leave her for dead, with Gabriel waking her up. It's very believable for Amora to have thought her dead. Most definitely would have killed a normal human.


      Not an unheard of telepathic trick. The body hears what it's meant to think it does. She is a good telepath, too.

    Fair enough. Still, it seems like it would be a finesse psi-feat yet with so many story problems may have jumped the gun on that nitpick...

Nothing really out of the ordinary for a talent like Betsy. Just kind of cool it worked against another strong telepath.


      Probably best that they let them go.

    Disagree, but not vehemently give the priority threat of Arkea.

That's the only reason why I think it was for the best. It allowed the team to focus on Arkea, the primary threat. Storm saw the weakness in the alliance and took advantage of it.


      Uh no. She's proud for her.

    After all that romance angst? Didn't think Rachel had it in her.

Not sure what that has to do with anything between Gabriel and Karima.

    (BTW, was that mist transformation for Jubirella the first time seen in-story with her?)

Don't recall.

I knew I was reading those first pages wrong.
For some reason after being thrown completely by the 'reveal' of Maddie (which we knew had to be coming) I decided to read the third panel on page one as someone giving themselves a home dye-job. To help me jump to the (logical at the time, honest) conclusion that the sisterhood had re-purposed Ana Cortes' corpse as a host for Madelyne Pryor.
But this only annoyed me further in that 'new maddie' should have had darker skin.
All because I couldn't explain why someone would appear to shower and THEN wash her hair in a sink...
Insane, I'm happier with Clone Maddie than my brain's garbled attempt at explaining a far more minor plotting issue.

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