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Subj: Re: Didn't Puck just walk out of Hell?
Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 at 10:41:36 pm EDT (Viewed 171 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Amazing X-men, do you guys accept this outcome?
Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 at 07:42:39 am EDT (Viewed 210 times)


    As weird as it is, I saw it coming from miles away (like even before we heard about Kurt coming back).

    They were kind of stuck. Kurt had no body, and the only way to get him one was to magic one up.

Hmmm... but didn't Puck more or less just walk out of hell with his body intact right after Wolverine's stint in Hell - for example? And how did Herc whammy up bodies, so easily, for dead heroes during Chaos War - as another? There are probably different viable examples of others' return to life without the original body available, no? And wouldn't God or the Seraphim Guard or Angels On High not be concerned to deal with Azazeal and empowered to return Kurt back to life as 'reward'? Granted, this Kurt bargain is ONE comic book solution for a new body, too, but it felt unsatisfying for being so vaguely presented.

No one on fourchan today understood this method of resurrection clearly but a few did make these notable observations about it...

> Azazel gave the bamfs his blood, Kurt offered them his soul.
Very weird deal. Very odd to speculate how that bargaining played out.

> Kurt sold it to the Bamfs, because they're demons. They made him a new body to be alive in.
In retrospect we STILL do NOT know enough about these beasties. For one instance, why would these after life 'beings' have corporeal flesh to offer where angel-who-looks-like-a-demon does not?

> This being the X-Men Kurt will get a new soul, probably from some &#^$@&Å¡ rube child they've picked up somewhere like Ilyanna "Totally Not A Demon You Guyz" Rasputin did.

> I am wondering how dark Nightcrawlers ongoing will be
Yeah, he looks pretty peaceful on that last page but Guido got pretty dark when he lost his soul.

> Kurt saved billions because if Azazel were to come to Earth and had access to his army, he would have killed everyone. Now, Kurt has effectively cut him off from his army and his own realm, so he's trapped on Earth with futz all to do.
This was the most bothersome if true. When Kurt sacrificed himself to save Rogue (was it?) from Bastion (was it?) gunshot was truly heroic save with no other option to save her. But this sacrifice of Kurt, in some ways, seems as impulsive and weak as when Colossus killed himself with that untested, experimental serum to cure the mutant virus that killed his sister (who ironically managed to get a body back too). It feels dumb that they would kill themselves when there were clearly other options to consider first.

> The bamfs are still alive also I think
Well, Wolverine's new book had him with one in Fantomex's Outer Space Prison which probably happens after this, right? So, somehow/somewhy some of 'em must have gotten thru because it will be horrible if Kurt can break up into little Bamfs as a power.


    No real need for much clarification, imo, because "soul" isn't particularly a clear concept in Marvel, anyway, and this is by design.

Sort of disagree. If the writer is going to talk about the soul as a story point they need better exposition of what they're saying about it than was done here. But what you say of Marvel's design is perfectly true as evidenced with the 'souls' of Vision, Danger, Magik, SpOck, Malice, Dracula, Jubirella, etc...

I miss Dad and Dan.

I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
I miss you, Dad & Dan. I miss you Dad and Dan. Support Cancer Research.
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