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Subj: Who Scott knew back in the day….
Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2014 at 11:08:12 am EDT (Viewed 126 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Guardians of the Galaxy #13: The Black Queen is dead, long live the Young Queen...
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The Jean parts were fine, imo.

I also liked the way Oracle disrespected Gladiator, like she was Majestrix, herself. "It is over. It is done." HA!

I cannot accept Scott circa X-Men v1 #8 stepping up and confronting Gladiator like he did at the end. He just didn't have that sort of backbone back then. And how's he so knowledgeable about the groups of people on Earth? He knows what Asgardians are? Atlanteans? That outburst just didn't seem right for such a novice. Gladiator should have just smashed his face in.

He should know what Atlanteans are, since Namor was making very high-profile attacks on New York City around that time. Additionally, the Marvels miniseries and the Silver Age publication of the Uncanny X-Men's meeting with the FF in FF v.1 #28 (July, 1964) both place Uncanny v.1 #8 (November 1964) after FF Annual #1 (1963), wherein the armies of Atlantis invaded NYC.

And the X-Men met Namor in Uncanny v.1 #6 (July, 1964), when Magneto first tried recruiting Sub-Mariner into the Brotherhood. It'd be pretty hard for Scott *not* to know about Atlanteans after that one. Atlantis is one of the few Really Weird Things in the MU that the general public has known about since almost the beginning of the Silver Age. (Come to think of it, mutants are probably the other one.)

Asgardians, not so much, since I don't think most people in the MU believed Thor's account of his own origins until Asgard showed up in Oklahoma.

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