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Posted: Fri Mar 28, 2014 at 03:11:23 pm EDT (Viewed 131 times)
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      But regardless, everything you mention is just the same sort of magicking up bodies. At least we have some sort of explanation for this one.

    Well... that's also true. Although there are probably other methods like just reinfusing into the original[corpse] body or temporal rebooting, for 2 examples, but can't think of any OTTOMH. Granted, bringing back to life any way is technically magicks - else science would get a better rep.

In Kurt's case, his corpse was burned, and they couldn't really blame it on lying morticians this time (like Piotr's).


      You want to really go "WTF?" How does Wolverine magic up bodies after his flesh gets burned off? Hmm? Okay, he grows them. But how? He doesn't seem to be converting matter around him to flesh, so it just magics around his bones.

    Thought that the whole Azreal curse on Logan was a GOOD idea/concept while it lasted even though it appears to have had a lot of online detractors.

I see it as making lemonade out of lemons. But he's still doing it! Or was, up until his healing factor died.

I hope the healing factor stays gone for a while. It's like dealing with spoiled children. If they (writers) can't be responsible, take the bloody toys away.


      I doubt Kurt would be given a reward like that. God or the angels, whatever, would have likely wanted what Xavier's spirit was begging him to do: return to Heaven and live happily ever after. Life on Earth is NOT a reward to God or the angels; Heaven is the reward. Kurt's choice was to refuse this.

    Weird that God/angels were not concerned/grateful with Azazeal's machinizations.

Not too weird, really. They let all kinds of machinations plague the world. One more isn't a big deal.

    Weird that Kurt would summon/risk his living friends in the first place to help in an afterlife battle.

Well, he needed them for his plan to work. And if it weren't for his plan, they and lots of other people would have been worse off.

    Weird that Xavier was singled out as the spirit looking out for Kurt, although on the other hand he did score a spot in heaven and did have a patronly love for the elf.

Indeed, not too weird at all. Xavier cares.

    Weird origins of the red bamfs to baffle us now that we finally got who the blue ones are... red ones that go good but keep their debaucherous natures and turn blue of course.

Makes sense that if the blue ones are Kurt-demonspawn, the red ones must be Azazel-demonspawn.

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