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Reply Subj: A+X #18: Whew, it's over...
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A+X 018 (2014)

Thank Master Order this series is done! Too much selective canon acknowledgement and problematic plot devices since issue one. It's probably best to heed of the neverending flippancy of the Q&A pages and not pay serious attention to any chronology conflicts and character illogic. Or...

• Dumb to include Lockheed on the cover.
• We don't get to see the separate ways that Vizh and Kitty get abducted.
• Impressive tech design to these Mirrormen not addressed (again?).
• Standard trope to 'get scared' by the 'Mirrormen' that resemble friends turned bad (heck it worked for Danger fine using Magneto image this week) but these guys were obviously skewed copies (were they even standard Mirrormen or arbitrary intro). All in all a silly excuse for the two to 'switch partners' in the fight.
• "Guess these are ultimately the 'platonic' loves of her, Pete Wisdom. Oh wait, he even gets bumped by the White Queen for a easy punchline - so much for their deductive reasoning."
• Kitty misses the Danger Room? That seems wrong that it isn't part of her regular regimine since 138.
• Vision's detached head on floor made no sense - probably a between panel Mirrormen that was smashed.
• Kitty is laughably impressed by Vizh's genius solution to beat the Murderworld machine is to shut it down.
• Ooooobviously, Vizh was talking about installing his automated turn off circuits if he was ever possessed especially since AoU cleeeeearly did not happen as we read it. And while it is a decent concept arbitrarily thrown into the story it ignores all the other times where he was clearly overridden. So, unfooooortunately he must mean following AoU which feels like a problematic precident set here not to mention this model feels nooooothing like the one featured monthly in Avengers AI.
• "A MAZE" - was that supposed to be a clever pun? Mocking but not revealing her secondary mutation was an attempt at humor but only rehashed that memories of that annoying secondary reality when it serves a story.
• Showing many of Arcade victims was a smart way to give props to Arcade's success as a reputed master assassin. Easter Egg reference to Arena too. Of course, readers are meant to infer the legitamacy/accuracy of it.
• Soooo, Murderworld Man just became a Danger-knockoff or an Ultron-wannabe. It would've been nice to get that tech design info instead of the face value. Once again, it's presented as your basic robot made android turned 'living' A.I. No biggee. Riiiiight.
• Okay, that memory of Vision looks aaaaawfully like AoU.... And that Days of Future Past 'motivation' for Kitty seems more like just name dropping than reasonable excuse to destroy an A.I. lifeform.
• Fine. This team-up was contrives but let's just seeeee where they're going with this... WHAT THE--?! That's it?! A dumb non-ending proving sometime you can judge a book by it's cover.

And the backup conclusion had 'flawes' too with...

-Scott in a cowboy hat
-New Life Form wanting exposition
-Castle Doombots (extremely lame/random) models used
-Cap is standing beside the skrulls with the debatable contradiction that he is actively invading in Invaders
-Easy explanation of Eva vs Avenger-if-ish-calls-for-it-Strange powers clashing
-Lack of Cadre K satisfying closure
-Cap now believes Scott is innocent but preeeeesumably lets him escape as a fugitive right in front of Agent Adsit

mar12 march26
I miss Dad and Dan.

Arcade was in this? Doesn't he have powers now, or something? He's actually managed to KILL a superhero? No way! I actually don't see him as being all THAT evil.

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