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Subj: Re: Thoughts on All New Xmen #25
Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 at 09:25:20 am EDT (Viewed 85 times)
Reply Subj: Thoughts on All New Xmen #25
Posted: Sun Apr 13, 2014 at 04:03:16 pm EDT (Viewed 15 times)

    On the cover, I figure Jean is saying "I'm looking for a reason to buy this" and Beast is saying "I give up".

    So, then... given that I am a huge Bendis fan, I have to say he is at his weakest doing these multiple artist extravaganzas. It might just be me, but when I see a book that is packed with different art I always think it is because someone screwed up deadline-wise. Bendis seems to love doing these sorts of books. It does not work for me.

The multiple artists was planned for this special 25th issue. This issue is really a series of vignettes all around the A-Story. The point of the different artists is to show different styles for the different moods of the vignettes.

    The plot doesn't really warrant a whole issue and left me lukewarm. Even Bendis' trademark poetic jibber-jabber didn't hit the spot. Nor was it a feel good book by any stretch. Yet, in its favour, some nice character bits (actually few of those), some comedy and some potential clues.

It certainly does warrant a whole issue, because it would be out of place any other way. But sure, it's a filler issue.

    Knowing (and loving Bendis) I think there are clues in this book. He was placing Skrulls in the Avengers for a very long time, so I figure there is something there. Question is: which are the clues and which aren't?

This is a good question.

    Some examples that may be something / may be nothing:

    Angel looks on whilst Kitty and Piotr "reunite". All the other scenes fit in, but this one panel doesn't as far as I know. Does anyone know where this comes from (if it is based on a previous book)?

It wasn't really them reuniting. They reunited in the panel just before it. Since it's between the panel for Piotr's resurrection and Kitty stuck in the bullet, it would be sometime during Whedon's run, though not necessarily in Astonishing X-Men.

    Kitty carrying Kurt's baby? Probably just a joke, yet you never know. Like the way this mirrors Antman walking out on Jessica back in the Alias series. Kitty kills Magik... could happen.

Who knows what the bullpen has planned for the future. Anything is possible. However, the point of the overall story is all of the possible (uncertain) stories. I don't think we should read the panels like we read the giant timeline in the Avengers a while back. That timeline was more definite. This was Uatu showing Hank all of the possible things and not.

Kurt isn't as weird as Cable. The idea that there is a future timeline wherein Kitty sleeps with Cable is... wow... Is Bendis really planning to hook those two up?! Even briefly? I hope not.

    Jean pauses before answering Logan as to why she is in her old uniform. What could the significance of that be? Also why would Chamber celebrate 4th of July - He's English? Pretty sure this is just goofiness.

Most likely. However, Chamber does spend most of his time in the US. No reason he couldn't throw a party. Heck, he might even naturalize. Possibilities.

    We have a Hawkeye / Scarlet Witch child, one for Cap and Magik, Rogue and Magneto, Jean and Logan, Emma and Scott, Piotr and Storm, Stark and Betsy - oh, and hi Dazzler, what are you doing down there?

Pretty sure that was a Dazzler-Longshot child (glowing eye).

    There is a woman all white who helps soldiers disarm clowns. Doesn't fit in anywhere I can think of. Coming soon?

The woman was Emma. Clowns? Those were HYDRA... okay, clowns. Just another possibility.

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