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Subj: Re: Questions About Old Storylines And Subplots. When Did They Screw Up Apocalypse? When Did The X-Men Discover That Jean Was Alive, When Did X-Factor Reveal Themselves To The World?
Posted: Tue Apr 15, 2014 at 07:15:14 am CDT (Viewed 139 times)
Reply Subj: Questions About Old Storylines And Subplots. When Did They Screw Up Apocalypse? When Did The X-Men Discover That Jean Was Alive, When Did X-Factor Reveal Themselves To The World?
Posted: Mon Apr 14, 2014 at 05:46:26 pm CDT (Viewed 194 times)

    And a few more.

    First- Longhot's origin. What exactly is his origin anyway? I heard/read that this is a whole convoluted mess. I read the Wiki entry on it, and I STILL don't get it. What's his connection to Spiral? Were they lovers? What's his connection to Shatterstar?

His family tree is a circle: Longshot -> Shatterstar -> Longshot.

Spiral is his ex-girlfriend, "Ricochet" Rita Wayword. She's a stuntwoman he met when he traveled to Earth.

    #When did X-Factor (The original incarnation, which would be Cyclops, Warren the boring Angel, Iceman, Jean Grey, and Beast.) reveal themselves, or when was it revealed that they were in fact the original X-Men, and that they were not mutant hunters. The original premise had them operating under the pretense that they were mutant hunters, didn't it? I don't think that anyone knew the truth about them. Did the public ever find out? I'm trying to read/get as many of the Louise Simonson issues as I can (Not a popular run, I hear. I read a lot of it when I was growing up, and I enjoyed it.), and in one issue (I think that it was #17 or #18.), they were going to reveal themselves to the press, but Cameron Hodge stopped them by ordering a sneak attack. So did the public ever find out? And if so, when and how? And was Hodge ALWAYS intended to be an evil villain? He's pretty much pure evil, isn't he? That deal with that demon guy that he made during Inferno when he gave him the location of a bunch of mutant babies was really low, and pushed him into monster territory. Would he ever kill any innocent people? How was he in the X-Factor Forever series (Is that still going on?)?

X-Factor revealed themselves at the end of "Fall of the Mutants" with a big press conference.

Yes, they don't come much more evil than him, but I don't think Bob Layton intended for him to be this way. Just as well since Layton's plan for X-Factor was not good. Candy Southern was pretty innocent, so yeah, he'd kill anyone (twice, even).

In the X-Factor Forever alt universe, Hodge's head is collected by Caliban. Apocalypse turns him into Master Meld. He was used as a distraction so Taco-Lips could sneak onto Ship and serves no other purpose.

    #When did they mess up Apocalypse? During the Simonson X-Factor run, he was a social Darwinist, and he believed that only the strong and worthy should survive. In a way, he was like Magneto. But then, he got really screwed up later down the line, and what kind of origin did they give him? They've done a lot of weird things to the character, and he's really convoluted now. He USED to be cool, but he's just a little bit too convoluted now.

Magneto doesn't believe only the strong survive. He believes that mutants should rule, when he's not simply protecting mutants from evil flatscans.

Apocalypse has not changed from this mode, really. He's still just a much of a Darwinist as ever. I don't really care for the "Life Seed"/"Death Seed" stuff being written right now (which, imo, just ties into my whole opinion that they've really destroyed the concept of Celestials), but I love his origin. It does not make him convoluted at all.

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