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Subj: Re: Excalibur's Cross-Time Caper
Posted: Tue May 06, 2014 at 05:19:25 pm EDT (Viewed 8 times)
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So, what's the prevailing opinion on the Cross-Time Caper story line? It's something that I always considered a "classic" run, but I'm re-reading it now, and it seems to have lost it's luster. The first few issues were fine, in the novel absurdity of randomly crossing realities in a Nazi train; but I've hit a couple issues in a row where the story telling just doesn't work, and it's causing me to look back at the whole thing a bit more critically.

Claremont's dialogue just seems SO Claremont. Maybe too much so. And there isn't much point to any of these alternate realities. There have been times where I was certain I must have been skipping a page, but sadly, no.

Any defenders out there? Anyone want to confirm my re-evaluation of the story?

That one went on for a long time. Maybe too long. They listed the number of issues it was going to be at the top of the first issues and then just dropped it. I'm not sure I have those issues anymore, but my memory just goes back to the strange art of a guy named Wozniak and the crazy way he drew people. Rachael meets her mom and then she dies.