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Subj: Re: Cyclops #1: WHY?!
Posted: Sun May 11, 2014 at 07:51:09 am EDT (Viewed 155 times)
Reply Subj: Cyclops #1: WHY?!
Posted: Sat May 10, 2014 at 10:30:06 pm EDT (Viewed 304 times)

    Cyclops 001 (2014)

    Why? Why? Why'd it have to be so good? The sooner the Young Originals get back to where they came from the better. But then why pass up a chance at a good book - because this was a good and promising premiere. Of course, you have to swallow: the premise of Scott's presence, the illogical return of Corsair thru a crack in time, the "stinking" disregard of Hepzibah during her walkabout on Earth, Korvus but no stupid Phoenix-Blade in Red Alert panels, and the casual reset to the outlaw status of The Starjammers.

Scott's presence is easy to swallow.
Corsair's return isn't too unusual.
Hep's disregard while on Earth isn't important.
Korvus was there? ;\)

Starjammers have been outlaws. Even in the best of times, to rescue Lilandra (the one Shi'ar they cared about-- okay, maybe Korvus... but I still say they're just desperate), they still LOATHE the Shi'ar Empire and everything it stands for and want to bring it down hard. They have especially been outlaws for the past several Shi'ar arcs: all of that Vulcan mess and everything that came afterwards.

    This was premiere was waaay better than the Nightcrawler premiere! Many worthwhile storyseeds to explore too. Plus there was the sweet bonus of being a done-in-one! In fact it was good enough to overlook the indigestion listed above - until next issue since the 'uncanny' confrimation that this is NOW an ongoing series.

Agreed about the done-in-one part, but the Nightcrawler issues were still more fun for me. It set up the father-son premise very well. However, that had nothing whatsoever to do with why I enjoyed it. A Starjammers series has been my dream for a while now, and I only enjoyed the Starjammers parts; not the Cyclops parts. He just brought the whole thing down for me.

And this is what worries me. Are we now going to get a bunch of issues with pretty much just Corsair and Scott with Starjammers supporting panels? If so, then my interest will not stick.

    SCOTT: It's hard to compliment that he was spot on given his unique circumstances and skewed (yet decently recapped) history but he was a likable, spacebound 16 year old to read. Was always a fan of pre-Dark Reign Cyclops - maybe this version will thankfully bring some mellow to Real Scott in ways neither of them (or readers) planned or imagined.

Never was a Cyclops fan, except for maybe rare bits. At his most "likable," he was boring. At his worst, he's just disgusting.

    CORSAIR: Exploring the belated fatherhood along with him was a fun. He could give Kurt a run for his money as the current most likable pirate at heart. Wonder when he'll mention his time spent with Alex or his larger crew he recently had.

Well, he spent practically no time with Alex. Alex teamed up, and then he quickly "died."

    HEP: Glad she's back. She felt spot on! Love the artistic interpretation of her. Even the speech pattern details, including hyphenating "Sc'ottt", lent alien authenticity.


    SIKORSKY and CR'EEE: Loved that they got focus to go with facetime.

Yeah. Cute little cooing aliens hooking up with teenagers are wonderful... then they stab you in the back. Right, Lockheed?

Yeah. Still bitter.

    CH'OD and RAZA: They only punched a clock but it was good to see them. Curious tidbit that Ch'od doesn't understand Cr'eee.

Ch'od got his hand back! Good for him. It wouldn't be a stretch for Shi'ar medical tech to regrow a hand. Or... for all we know, Saurians can regrow appendages.

    KORVUS: Not a fan. His contribution was yawnworthy.

Who? ;\)

    BADOON: Not sure why they just didn't go with a generic alien race if they weren't going to offer any exposition or add any curiousity about their misplaced presence. Still their defeat by Scott and the Starjammers(and Cyclops) here was choreographed much more believably than their defeat by Guardians of the Galaxy(and Iron Man) early in that lately not so good series.

Badoons are cool. We don't see enough of them. I don't really like seeing them in Shi'ar space, writers who push things like this together and fail to realize how far these things are apart tend not to please me.

    OVERALL: Grabber cover. Recommended issue.


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