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Subj: Re: Cyclops #1: WHY?!
Posted: Sun May 11, 2014 at 10:23:42 am CDT (Viewed 161 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Cyclops #1: WHY?!
Posted: Sun May 11, 2014 at 06:51:09 am CDT (Viewed 154 times)

Thanks for the Movie Roll Call too. Couldn't place Blink.

> Scott's presence is easy to swallow.
In space, not time.

> Corsair's return isn't too unusual.

> Hep's disregard while on Earth isn't important.
Still a pet peeve.

> Korvus was there? ;\)

> but the Nightcrawler issues were still more fun for me
Kurt had lots of fun moments in the combined arc at the expense of pretty much everyone appearing alongside him. And yet he mostly critiqued about everyone else instead of himself. This ish, Scott's relatable narrative and dialogue was mostly about his sitch and felt more inviting for me.

> At his most "likable," he was boring. At his worst, he's just disgusting.
"Boring" (/predictable) was an endearing quality for him \:\) as he led the team in boy scout leader fashion. Insecure pining for Jean was also a believable character trait. Moving on with Emma felt alright too at the time as they both needed each other for their own reasons even if their union was never perfect. Not sure of any examples of 'disgusting' OTTOMH - although missed out on most of the Morrison run if it happens there.

> And this is what worries me. Are we now going to get a bunch of issues with pretty much just Corsair and Scott with Starjammers supporting panels? If so, then my interest will not stick.
Yeah. Guessing a couple done-in-ones would be my limit. If they go that route, it's got t'be better than the recent Savage Wolverine random anthology adventures.

> Well, he spent practically no time with Alex. Alex teamed up, and then he quickly "died."
Fair enough. Still, it'd be neat to see if it's footnoted.

> Yeah. Still bitter.
Their making up felt so forced.

> Ch'od got his hand back! Good for him. It wouldn't be a stretch for Shi'ar medical tech to regrow a hand. Or... for all we know, Saurians can regrow appendages.
Nice catch there. (Hmmm, does that count as a 'pun' unintended.)

> Badoons are cool. We don't see enough of them. I don't really like seeing them in Shi'ar space,
It was also surprising to see they've reattained status to be reckoned with to be included on the lateest questionably hobbled together Galactic Council.

I miss Dad and Dan.

I miss you, Dan. I miss you, Dad. I miss you, Dan.
I miss you, Dad & Dan. I miss you Dad and Dan. Support Cancer Research.
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