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Subj: Re: What Do You Mean He's A Crossed Writer?
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Reply Subj: Marrow and Questions for Simon Spurrier...
Posted: Fri May 16, 2014 at 01:48:06 pm EDT (Viewed 110 times)

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    Well, these obviously are kind of a different set of Brotherhood. They remark that they how things go better this time, since several didn't make it last time.

Really think so? That'd be a shame and a cheat if true if Raze &Co. turn out just to be a cheap Kang Du Jour stunt.

    And apparently, Future Xavier is Charles' son, not grandson like was said in BOTA. For this reason alone, I shall not be buying another thing done by Bendis. I'm done.

The bits on that future 'son' was very confounding. Retcontamination after they already did the same with Legion. Do you think Legion's rewrite will be a factor? BTW, on a tangent, has Corsair ever met Legion?

> X-Force
After reading #5, just saw this reader friendly gesture makes the title that much more enjoyable in spite of the horrible cast factors.

> Submit Your X-Position Questions for Simon Spurrier
> http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=52810

Also, here's very insightful -albeit random- comments subsequently copied/pasted from fourchan bulletin board about Marrow. The canon clarifications -and some neat details observed- also make the issue that much less baffling, if not more interesting and understandable.


    I would actualy consider this as Marrow's theme.

    I'm so happy it's not Rock He-Kim drawing this.

    Also the old lettering. Holy crap - Marrow's old lettering.

    Time for twists nobody saw coming in a million years.

    Addressing Marrow's pregnancy!!

    Actualy it was speculation from the get go, because of how much she said baby.

    Big question. Who was the father?

    Her powers are really visually cool.

    Wait, when was she pregnant before?

    Welp, now Marrow joined the club of female character with edgy abortions.

    She was raped by Mesmero in her last appearances before this run, in Weapon X.

    Haha, time for Volga.

    Who else is in "that club"?

    Which was YEARS before she was depowered. If she had become pregnant from it, she should have allready had a big belly by the time the series started and around 2 years of in universe passed since then and her appearance in X-factor.

    Loved Cable getting picked apart.


    Do not stress for topical dates.

    Grief everyone! Grief and despair, for you will never see Cable again for sure! No way!

    So Marrow is a complete egoistical idiot? Well what a suprise.

    She was also stabbed through the gut by Quicksilver. If she had a baby, it would have been dead at that point. The pregnancy must have happend long after Weapon X.

    Oh look, new villian beats entire team single handedly. Also he will of course be beaten within one issue, next time because of some mistake he made. Though most likely because MeMe who is actualy Volgas daughter had hacked herself in his computer and frees the rest of the team.

    So when are we gottan finally kill off Hope?

    You see how Marrow goes all bouncing betty when she got mad? Lots of razor sharp spikes flying everywhere.

    That's how.

    She was meant to go off and inject as many people as possible with the stuff, so they go off aswell. Both Cable and Hope who were there to stop it and got hit with the spikes. Hope went into coma since her body rejected the super power serum while Cable amputated his own arm.

    Marrow meanwhile didn't exploded herself, instead her old powers had overwrote the super power. However her baby was not so lucky and exploded through her womb.

    Funny though, i thought what Psylocke said to Marrow in issue 3 was sarcastic, as in calling her a drama queen. However it seems she was really shocked.

    How wonderfully crazy would it be if he really did die. And that was the last we saw of Cable for 20 years.

    Oh Marrow. Will you ever stop being a terrible character? It's actualy pretty in character. Marrow is an unrepent jerk who went back to being a terrorist 3 times because she can't stop blaming other people for the garbage she did to herself.

    I almost forgot Spurrier is a Crossed writer. EDGY DRAMA HO!

    How old is Marrow supposed to be anyway? I think she was meant to be a teenager when she joined the X-men but that's a long time ago aswell.

    It only took you 20 yeas to make that pun Marrow?

    He is kind of ruining the whole thing with his speech pattern. I mean Gogo has more understanding of english than this guy.

    Nope, only the word of Strike Force Morituri was important.

    That was the prequel mini series to the Weapon X series. Also she had two seperated appearances before this one. First in Generation M, where she was shown as depowered. Later in X-factor where she was gutted by Quicksilver. Both make it clear she couldn't have been pregnant.

    Remember that part where Psylocke's supposed to be an Omega-level telepath now? Fair enough, not Phoenix, but come on that's a bunch of tinfoil and plexiglass.

    Not sure about MeMe

    Yeah that was a stupidly bland story twist Spurrier pulled off there. I had expected better from him.

    I really like this art. Where should I start with this book? Or is this the jump-on point?

    First three issues were drawn by a terrible korean artist who will return with issue 7. This is a jump on point as good as any other. Though you should at least bear reading issue 3 which is when the interesting narrations start.

    Just read everything. This book gives you a billion hints to a billion things. Impossible to know what's going to be important.
    Art is weird though in the first arc, so you need to decide whether you want to put up with that.

    I guess people will now stop comparing Marrow to Boom Boom.

    So no more music baby? Wasn't there a theory that Marrow is partialy based on Mystiques DNA?

    Does someone here knows russian and can tell us what "Dobro Pozhalovat" means?

    MeMe is going to safe the day. Too bad the series will be canceled soon and she will dissapear into limbo.

    "Dobro Pozhalovat" -- "You're welcome," basically.

    What's with her eyes? I wasn't aware she could make them glow.

    They were glowing in some old appearances. Maybe it is night vision or growing glowing bones into her eyes.

    They actualy did turn yellow and could glow in her early years as an X-men. Most likely another side effect of her multiple minor mutations.

    So next to the bones and healing factor we have pink hair, a pinkish skin tone (sometimes), eyes that change from pale blue to yellow (and reflecting light) when angered, at least one additional hearts and an unusual cerebral makeup (she can recover from having her brain fried via a psychic attack).

    Seems like Spurrier really did his research on the character. Seems like X-men fans are right to assume that she was created by Dark Beast in a test tube from scraps of DNA. It would certainly explain why her body is so weird.

    Marrow doesn't have "fans". She has casuals who dreamed of her in X-MenvCapcom and thought she was a real character.

    I think at least half of those are simply required secondary powers for weaponized bone tumor.

    I hope the marrow thing I more complex then MUH BABY Either way the art was brilliant and Si is doing great work

    The bones at the stomach area only come out of her hips. That is a very nice detail!

    Poor character. Now she is going to be reduced to this baby thing.

    Fleshprinter is obvious a clone creation technology. Anti-Rejection Picotech sounds like something you need to implant organs or cybernetics on a person without having the body reject it. Most likely how Volga got his power. God, that Dimension jumper was quite a badass. Shame he got killed within the first 2 pages of his appearance.
    Having the baby blow up is a waste of potential. It could have it come back from the future as a cyborg.

    Don't give Bendis ideas

    Spurrier is obviously gonna build from this. Cable will have a shocking connection to Marrow.

    Marrow was pregnant with twins. One got all the dominant genes and the other the recessive genes. Once they grew up the dominant gened one was killed by the recessive gened one. Cyclops got upset for a while after.

    When did that happen?

    i cant wait for the solo nemesis issue

    Okay, Betsy is coming off like kind of a bitch now that we know what the baby-baby-baby thing is about.

    Just some cheeky british wit.

    Where are the other two Fantomex clones?

    I can't stop reading Volga's lines in Nikolai Jakov's voice. It's way funnier than it has any right to be.

    Way to go Marrow, i'm sure you will catch up to the awesome that is X-23 one day.

    Cover for issue 6 makes it look more like MeMe hacks into their cells and confronts them with their secrets to get them free. Cable will most likely show up at the end to deliver an epic beat down on Volga, revealing his true nature.

    That page makes me wonder if Marrow would have actualy been able to kill those bodyguards? It seems her attack didn't really harm them in any way, since they were able to one-hit defeat the entire X-force team regardless of the damage they took.

    I'm so happy that this comic actually has a fanbase on /co/ now

    If we follow the pattern so far then Cable should be narrating issue 6 but MeMe has never narrated though so maybe she will be narrating issue 6

    in issue 1 marrow keeps monologuing to herself but keeps addressing someone called baby (i think you're meant to believe she's imagining herself talking to a boyfriend) in issue 3 psylocke reveals that she knows everyones secret shit because shes a super telepath and mentions marrow's 'loss' in this issue we find out that 'baby' is actually marrow's dead baby who exploded out of her womb and seemingly caused 3000 people to die (although we dont know exactly what happened here and if marrow/ marrow's baby was the only bomb) so psylocke taking the piss out of her monologues is pretty mean

    Or she is just concerned that Marrow is still talking to it, which could potentialy backfire when she actualy remembers what happend, which is exactly what happend.

    Great, now Marrow's character is truely damaged beyond repair. Just like Wolfsbane back in previous new X-force series.

    She underwent experiments to regain her powers while knowing she was pregnant. You don't have to be a scientist to know such experiments could be dangerous. Hell Marrow was at least TWICE the subject of painfull of dangerous experiments. She should have known it was a stupid idea in general and even worse idea when pregnant. She is either incredibly stupid or incredibly reckless.

    She joined Weapon X and helped to hunt down innocent mutants because they promised she could be pretty. Now she joined Volga's experiments because it promised her she could get her powers back. Marrow had alwas defined herself on being a mutant, she is a mutant extremist who believes that mutants are inherently superior to normal humans, especialy the ugly mutants. So being a normal human was obviously something she couldn't bear, so she happily agreed on the expeiments. It's pretty much spilled out for us by Marrow and Volga themself

    Who would impregnate Marrow though?

    If Spurrier sticks with it, this could actually make Marrow sort of interesting.

I miss Dad and Dan.

Crossed as in sexuality?

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