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Magneto 004

This was just more of the same. Nothing really inspired or inspiring. And a typically boring Marvel poser cover. Even the artstyle was appropriately effective but depressing. More narration rationalizing his mission of murders. For me it didn't help that it was chronologically confusing; Magneto coldly slaughters a small generic crew of Purifiers apparently in retaliation of some "REMEMBERED" past immenent atrocity to a busload of mutant kids -back when he exacted even more ruthless retailiation- all revolving around some guy named Dawson Harris. Right? The only modicum of interest is finding out what Easter Egg names are on Magneto's memorial memory stick. So tempted to pass on the one-note series at this point...

I miss Dad and Dan.

Were those the de=powered mutants that Stryker had blown up? The Purifiers pretty much are all evil/monsters aren't they? Come to think of it, was Stryker meant to be brought into the 616 X-Verse. I thought the graphic novel kind of stood on it's own.