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Subj: Re: All-New X-Factor #8: Aaand...
Posted: Fri May 30, 2014 at 04:23:24 pm EDT (Viewed 62 times)
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Aaand another Marvel title-franchise dump of same day books released. All-New Doop 002, Amazing X-Men 007, Magneto 004 Wolverine and the X-Men 004, X-Men-v4 014... *sigh* Got to try to choose what title to try to get to after UXM021. [Thankfully no annoying appearance of Sam or Berto in Avengers World 006 to critique.] Today, let's go with the most predictably promising of the bunch:

All-New X-Factor 008

-fun cover
-"DESICCATING": neat word. First time ever read it. Go, Learning!
-excellent opening splash and grateful immediate followup
-hilarous "DISCONNECT comeback with Danger
-great Pol reaction
-intriguing daddy/daughter dynamic continues
-sure, Georgia is backtalking to her father but y'gotta give her credit for some decent zingers [and sweet characterization; she seems a sure thing, people, to replace Idie's endearing lost innocence]
-neatly done 'misdirect' cliffhanger with Doug's 'death' and engaging scenario playing out to save him
-good characterizing moments of Remy and Pietro giving their 2¢ [in lieu of bigscreen/comicbook action]
-"TRACER BULLETS": potentially/precidentially cool 'Kryptonite' concept for Quicksilver and speedsters
-Harrison snow shows up to show more 'layers' to his person
-"How's your wife" concern... heheheh... yeeeah... riiight... nudge nudge wink wink
-doing right by Pol's character with the stand-off... huh, that's TWICE in ONE issue she's impressed along with her metal manipulation moments that was viscerally satisfying
-the 'robots' trying to argue FOR the X-cause was funny!
-the whole conflict resolution felt refreshingly uniquely handled again for a team title [in lieu of bigscreen/comicbook action]
-Harrison Snow: layers, people, more layers

Yep, it just might turn out the best book of that bunch. The one way to have made it better. maybe, is if it were done in black&white instead of crazy colors. Any dissertation on the 8+ issues of this thematic coloring might be enlightening but more important would be if this mysterious Harrison Snow layering isn't prolonged too much more and we get closer to the middle of who he is and why our heroes enthusiastically follow his lead. Is he their NOW-Xavier?

I miss Dad and Dan.

Hopefully there is some follow up next issue, but I was disappointed that X-Factor wasn't shown in a negative light in the wrap up.

Because they don't like what they guy says, they came up with an excuse to break into his house and try to convince his daughter to run away. When she says no, they try to kidnap her.

I do like that Snow came in and saved the day. Hopefully there's some logical follow up, and it isn't just white washed because the dad is a rotten human being...