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Subj: Re: My question... [and also about Utopia]
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Reply Subj: Magneto's New History; How Are They Going To Explain This New Revealtion Between Him And His "Children"? What Do You Guy Think Of It.
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Oooookaaaayyyy, sooooo, I haven't read the majority of the AXIS crossover (And I don't really want to. I mean, they brought Onslaught back? For Pete's sakes!), but I know that there was a big and (Supposedly.) dramatic moment where it was revealed that Wanda and Pietro were actually NOT Magneto's children, and I guess, never were? I have NO IDEA how they're going to get around this, as there's just waaaaayyyy too much history between the three characters ever since the reveal. It just feels really weird to do away with that. From what I read, they did it because of legal reasons with Marvel cinemas and the studious, which does make sense, but it's just taking too much history (That's been definitely and solidly established.) and throwing it away. And doesn't this (Or wont it.) change the origins of Wanda and Pietro as well? I mean, aside from their lineage. I'm assuming that their entire histories and backgrounds have to be changed and altered as well. It's certainly going to do away with a lot of history.

What do you guys think, or make of this? I actually wouldn't have too much of a problem with it if they had a way to change this without a big retcon or revision (Say that Magneto was just mistaken or that Bova just lied or something.), but I don't think that they're going that way, or that it's possible that they can do that. So, I think that this can screw up a lot of past stories, and their histories. It was a pretty important moment in Magneto's character arc. Did anything else change in the event? I read that Sabretooth is now a good guy (I don't buy that for a second. It doesn't fit the character at all.).

Okay, this is starting to bug me. Was there a missed issue other than Wanda's passing comment in Axis #7 or Pietro's in UA #1 with more exposition/details on the suggested evidence that Mags is not their pops? Gotta know! Wanna read it! It's been annoying not knowing more since the Inversion.

Also another question though unrelated, in Storm #8 this week, it was very satisfying/logical to see Utopia, in ruins, at the bottom of the Bay. Stupid X-men - y'get Beast to clean out the Mansion of dangerous tech when they moved to Utopia but not take the same precautions on the way back?! Sheesh. Actually the real question is: Was there not a post-AvX ish, in some title, where Utopia was seen surviving above the surface? And rhetorically - when will we see the Atlantean reprecussions of the destruction of the beam support they help make to centre on their undersea city?


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