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Subj: Re: Return of the one true Jean Grey
Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 at 12:18:25 am EDT (Viewed 641 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Return of the one true Jean Grey
Posted: Wed Sep 20, 2017 at 08:05:25 pm EDT (Viewed 719 times)

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    My hope (pun intended) is that she was Hope Summers all along, so we can never have to suffer through another Hope story again. Then she can open a portal with her Phoenix powers and send the teen O5 packing.

I actually wonder if there's any real plan for sending the O5 back. It will have to include a memory wipe. And a reversion back to normal for Warren's wings.

    Then she can join the Avengers. She never had much luck with the X-Men. I always thought Jean and Steve would make a nice couple - they could be the Reed and Sue of the Avengers.

You actually want Jean to join the Avengers? To me, she'd be lost in the crowd there. And you actually want her to get romantic with Steve-I-am-not-a-Nazi-Rogers? I'd rather see her with a different Invader: Namor. At least he's a mutant. And we know from the Jean Grey series that he admires adult Jean as a serious threat in any battle. And being able to "tame" the savage Sub-Mariner with her charms and sheer awesomeness would enhance her aura of feminine mystique.

I say let's just lezzie her up and pair her up with a lady. That way no more idiot offspring from the future whining about how their lives suck. Just nip that whole thing in the bud by having Jean swear off penises. Pair her up with Storm...she's about half lesbian anyways...and who does she love more than Jean? Nobody.

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