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Subj: Not happy
Posted: Thu Sep 21, 2017 at 05:49:12 am EDT (Viewed 730 times)
Reply Subj: Return of the one true Jean Grey
Posted: Tue Sep 19, 2017 at 04:56:55 pm EDT (Viewed 1060 times)

    Maybe this will be followed by the prompt departure of the 5 displaced young X-Men...




The power of undeserved nostalgia strikes again.

I for one am very much against it. The first time they did it, at the launch of the original X-Factor, is the event I have always considered the one where the rot set in within the X-franchise. Among other things it destroyed Cyclops as a character, and to his recent death I would say he still hasn't recovered. And the very negative effects of the revival of the O5 then were IMO purely due to the nostalgia of a bunch of fans-turned-creators, i. e. to the same kind of forces that destroyed the Spider-franchise in 2007 with "One More Day" etc.

The second time they did it, with the time-displaced O5 (we've been given to understand by Marvel that they really are the original five X-Men, not people from an alternate timeline) was, as far as I can see, despised by a large part of X-fandom. So teen Jean is the "one true Jean", just younger, and remembering the blandness of adult Jean, I am very skeptic about the likely effects of replacing Jeen with Jean, and I consider the argument that the existence of teen Jean somehow proves that adult Jean must return nonsensical.

Neither does the existence of Rachel prove that adult Jean must return. Rachel is by far the more interesting character of the two, and they have coexisted in the past (and currently co-exist with Jean=Jeen). Some might even say that Madelyne Pryor (has she been mentioned in this thread so far?) was more interesting than Jean.

Cable (and by extension Stryfe) may be a crappy character, but that's how he was created before it was decided to make him Scott and Madelyne's son. The fact that this was retconned in later was merely one of the many consequences of the disastrous first revival of Jean Grey (ca. X-Factor #1).

Hope is someone I consider more a plot device than a character. Had Jean still lived at the time, Hope would probably still have appeared in the same storyline, only in that case she might not have resembled Jean as much. At least IMO. ;\-\)