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    So why not give her a chance to be in charge of her life. And do it away from the X-Men........build her into the character she deserves to be?

I could live with the idea of Jean Grey being in charge of her life and maybe even finally becoming a, dare I hope?, interesting character far away from the X-Men, but that is not what people supporting the idea are actually talking about on this thread. What they want to see is for Jean to return to the X-Men and for other characters and large parts of continuity to be removed simultaneously. You yourself advocate the removal of the teen O5 in the original post, others now go so far as favouring sweeping changes of X-continuity going back to the 1980s. So when it comes the matter of Jean's return the question "why?" (specifically: "why does Jean Grey deserve a(nother) chance to be written as an interesting character but Hope, Jeen, Cable, Rachel, Old Man Logan, Hope etc.(1) don't?") is paramount. And there "because she is a Silver Age character" is not a valid answer in my eyes.

(1) This is not to be taken to mean that I necessarily agree with the negative views of all of these characters. I'm referring to what I've seen in various posts on this thread.

It's a matter of fans (And some writers.) just wanting elements from the past back.